TikTok finally adds dislike button to video comments

It’s not uncommon for the comments section of some social media posts to become a real dump. Especially on TikTok, it’s especially difficult to rank all comments badly, because the platform usually does not promote the most constructive views.

That could change soon as the platform announces a new way for the community to feedback on comments from other users. After testing the feature for several months, TikTok is finally allowing users to “click” it. I do not like “, represented by a “dislike” in the comments section.

It should be noted that Users will not be able to see how many times their comments have been dislikedHe stated that it will be possible for those who express their opinions to reconsider their decisions if they wish.

That’s why TikTok is finally coming to the level of a few other platforms like YouTube or Reddit that allow you to “dislike” other people’s comments. If your comment is offensive or off-topic, the second will now have a much higher chance of being forgotten. Such a change could reduce the toxicity of the social network, but it will likely take a few months to find out if the new feature improves the comment space for videos.

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