TikTok confirms that your personal data is sent to China

For years, TikTok has been suspected of transferring the personal data of American and European users to China, where its parent company ByteDance is located. Remember that these fears are legitimate, because this company is a member of the China Enterprise Federation and the Internet.. As stated in the bylaws of this organization, each member company must comply with the “Xi Jinpin’s way (editor’s note: current president of china)” while agreeing to be audited byChina Cyberspace Administration”well Chinese agency responsible for web surveillance and censorship.

It is this particular point that prompted the Irish Data Protection Commission to open an investigation into TikTok in September 2021 to determine whether the personal data of European users was actually transferred to China.

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TikTok confirms transferring user data to China

However, just in case, TikTok knowingly admitted the facts it was accused of. Indeed, the social network announced it on November 2, 2022. an official blog post Updating the privacy policy for the European Economic Area. Especially the social network “It allows certain employees of our group located in Brazil, Canada, China, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and the United States to remotely access TikTok user data”.

The application explains that it allows this application to continue run the platform and guarantee”a reliable, enjoyable and secure TikTok experience”. He adds that this data is used. improving the performance of recommendation algorithms and detecting bots and fake accounts. In addition, TikTok is responsible for the collection and transfer of this data.through a set of robust security checks and consent protocols and methods recognized under the GDPR (Editor’s note: General Data Protection Regulation).

In this post, TikTok Chief Privacy Officer Elaine Fox also talks about user location data. app”It does not collect precise location information based on GPS technology or otherwise from users in Europe”. As a reminder, recent research has proven that TikTok can recover your passwords and bank details via its integrated browser.

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