TikTok and PUBG are now banned in Afghanistan

Last August, the Taliban entered Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul. Islamist rebels later regained control of the country to impose their own laws there. The terrorist organization made a decision in a short time. brutal measures against the Afghan people.

The Taliban specifically closed secondary schools for girls and banned women without a male relative from flying. At the same time, the regime banned some foreign sources of information, such as the BBC. In summary, fundamentalists wiped out 20 years of freedom in a few months.

Taliban accuses TikTok and PUBG of misleading youth

In this context, the Taliban recently banned TikTok, the favorite social network of children aged 18-25, and the fighting video game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). “The Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies needs to block PUBG games and the TikTok application that misleads the younger generation”Inamullah Samangani, deputy spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, explains.

Both mobile apps have been extremely popular among young Afghans. banning foreign music and serials. “We have received a lot of complaints about how the TikTok app and PUBG game are wasting people’s time”Inamullah justifies Samangani.

The Islamist regime has decided to ban a mobile application for the first time. The measure is part of a brutal arsenal aimed at imposing religious laws in the country. In this process, the Taliban also made demands on television channels. stop spreading indecent content. But the television offering in Afghanistan is limited to religious programs and current affairs.

9 million Afghans would have access to the internet, that is. 23% of the populationie 38 million. Among them, 4 million Internet users use social networks, reveal a special site DataReportal. Facebook obviously stands out as the most popular network.

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