Threads has already lost half of its daily users, Twitter can take a breather

Is the tidal wave turning into a small wave? It’s hard to deny the dazzling success of Threads, which reached 100 million users in just 4 days. On Twitter, excitement was at its peak against this competitor who truly shook Elon Musk’s vision for the first time. But since then the sauce has dropped a bit.

Indeed, Meta’s new social network has already lost more than half of its daily active users. That’s according to a recent report from the Similar Web. This indicates that the platform’s peak popularity was reached on July 7, the day after its launch. 49 million active users the same day.

Threads still needs to prove itself to users if it wants to compete with Twitter

It will only take a week for that figure to be halved. July 14, SimilarWeb innovation “only” 23.6 million daily active users. Note that these numbers only count users on the Android version of the app. Similar Web notes other interesting points. For example, on July 7, Threads had almost half of Twitter users, which was 109 million that day. On average, users spent 4.3% less time on the blue bird platform.

However, it was not only the number of users that fell in the next week, but also the usage time. The time, which was 21 minutes on July 7, increased to 6 minutes on July 14. This decline can be explained in particular by Meta’s decision to make its app completely unusable in Europe, even with a VPN. But that doesn’t explain everything. Lack of core functions, temporary enthusiasm or the impressive amount of data collected are valid reasons to justify the current situation.

Source : Similar Web

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