The web version of Threads, Meta’s anti-Twitter, is already available

Tomorrow Meta will officially launch Threads, its newest social network built on the foundations of Instagram and more or less copying everything else on Twitter. On the face of it, the concept is simple: to offer some sort of text version of Instagram, allowing users of the app to hold it in their hands. In reality, the goal is pretty clear: to try to complete Twitter definitively.

Timing never fools anyone. As Elon Musk continues his controversial measures on his platform, and after another controversy earlier in the month, Threads appears to be just in time. And to confuse the knife in the wound even more, the social network even offers early release today.

Threads is already opening its doors to a few influencers

More precisely, it is the web version of the platform located at. Topics.netIt was opened by Mark Zuckerberg himself. Meta’s boss bragged about delivering a sober message to unlock the ball: ” Let’s go. Welcome to Topics ». At the time of this writing, the post has already received over a thousand likes and several hundred responses.

Finally, the billionaire is far from the only person with access to Topics anyway: many influencers and several brands have joined him there. All of this, of course, serves a marketing purpose aimed at convincing Internet users – and mainly those who are more resistant to Twitter – that it is worth switching to another platform, because some of the people they follow are already there.

The interface is relatively simple for now. The design is particularly restrained, showing only messages accompanied by the usual interactions: liking, commenting, “retweeting” (as there is no other term for now) and sharing on another site. The Verge reports that clicking on it prompts the visitor to wait for the app to be available for download.

The message for us is quite different: Topics are not yet available in your region. Until then, you can still see the content.» Hey yes: Threads will be unavailable tomorrow in France, as in all other member states of the European Union. The official reason is not yet known, but it is certain that GDPR is involved.

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