The Best Tinder Emoji Opening Lines and Conversation Starters

Having trouble finding an opening line on Tinder? Having trouble saying the right thing while trying to break the ice? How about just using emojis? Some people use nothing more than emojis in their opening lines and make an appointment. This tutorial will outline a few of the best Tinder emoji opening lines for you to try if you want.

Emoji is a work of genius. A form of expression that does not use words. Ideal for those who are shy, speechless and don’t hesitate to write. They work well, are almost universally understood, and are as harmless as an image can be. Used correctly, they can convey a message that no words can. This makes them ideal for dating apps.

Competition on Tinder is fierce, and even if you’re extremely sexy, you have to work extremely hard to get attention. Using emojis entirely in an opening could be the difference you need to get a response. This guy did and got eight phone numbers as a result. These are a few years old now but you get it.

Tinder emoji openers

Using emoji entirely isn’t going to work for everyone, but if you’re thinking of trying it, you can do it the right way. Getting it right is key, though. There are some emojis that definitely don’t work on a dating app and for certain audiences, so let’s start with what not to use.

Opening lines sent to girls should avoid eggplant for obvious reasons, claps, bent biceps, fist bumps, and anything that’s frankly macho. Girls don’t respond well to these.

Opening lines sent to men should avoid the ring emoji, crying face, poop emoji, and Vulcan salute for obvious reasons.

Both genders should use the tongue emoji sparingly!

This chart on Clover, a Tinder alternative, has a very useful breakdown of emoji to use with any gender. It reflects my own opinion on using emojis in dating apps.

emoji openers for girls

If you’re going to send a girl an emoji as a welcome, there are some obvious ones that should pop up depending on their profile. Hungry face, heart eyes, smiley face, 100, grin, bad talk, and perspicacity are all good ways to open up. You can also use the sassy girl if appropriate, as it usually goes well if it reflects her Tinder profile.

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All of them are unlikely to be interpreted as positive, harmless, rude, overtly sexual, brash, or overly offensive. All convey a good feeling, appreciation and should be a good way to open up.

Opening with heart eyes or a swollen kiss is a good way to appreciate hot photos. As an opening sentence, most guys don’t have a problem with that. Same for a gold medal, thumbs up, grin, or 100. They all show appreciation in some way and are positive ways to start a conversation. It’s up to you whether to continue with the emoji from there.

Emoji openers for boys

If you’re looking to break the ice with a guy, there are some emojis that work well and some that don’t. Men seem to like the grin emoji, crazy face, relaxed face, hearts, okay, evil eye, heart eyes and kissing lips. The wave, the winking face, and the smile are also helpful.

Each conveys positivity and relaxed interaction. None of them can be interpreted negatively in an overtly kind, sexual, or sensible way.

Good openings for boys, similar to those for girls, smile, grin, heart-eyed, 100, gold medal and thumbs up are all good openings. It’s harmless and unlikely to offend or put him off. What you do from there is up to you. It’s possible to have all the conversations with emojis if you have enough imagination or jump to text.

Classic for both genders O + her + drinks + ? emoji always wins. It’s up to you to open it or save it for later. Using it as an opener can save some time, but may be too persistent for some. Using it later, or alternatively, the girl dance + boy dance + champagne emoji may work better. Either way, it shows you’re interested and leaves the door wide open for more emojis or to go out on that date.

Do you use emoji on Tinder? open with them? Are you using them specifically? How does it work for you? What are your usual openings? Tell us about your experiences below!

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