The Best Subtitles for Columbus

Being the state capital as well, the most populous city in Ohio has a lot to offer, especially given that it’s one of the fastest growing major cities in the USA. From a swanky zoo to exciting excursions, Columbus is a capital worth exploring.

Photographing in an incredibly diverse city like Columbus is interesting and fun, to say the least. Every tourist and visitor to this city will undoubtedly have many photos to upload to social media. However, photos posted on websites like Instagram wouldn’t be complete without an appropriate caption. Revealing them can be tedious and frustrating at times, so here’s a nice list of examples you can use for your own social media content.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The Columbus Zoo may not be the largest in the world, but its ever-expanding collection of animals and educational programs are breathtaking. The best part about this zoo is that it has six different habitats, meaning you can explore every continent in one place. There are roughly 10,000 animals in the zoo, so be prepared to catch it.

The overall title inspiration here should definitely focus on wildlife. There are so many species to discover and photograph. Here are some examples of headers.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Caption Ideas

  1. “Flamingos are truly majestic creatures. Yes, you can see them in Florida, but getting close to them is something really special. She is enjoying a nice bath in the photo.”
  2. “Look at that cool guy! A turtle might be slow on the ground but you should have seen this guy go!”
  3. “I saw this guy on the water. I’ll tell you what, polar bears are even more amazing when diving.”
    Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Science and Industry Center

The Center for Science and Industry (COSI) is a scientific inspiration. From dinosaurs and early human cultures to energy and space, the exhibits here are always absolutely wonderful. Be sure to visit the planetarium, because the experience is unforgettable.

When creating titles for COSI, consider the science and information you’ve gathered so far.

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Science and Industry Center Subtitle Ideas

  1. “The first dinosaurs were much hairier than I thought!”
  2. “Learning about our galaxy under a 60-metre dome was indeed a humbling experience. I felt like a wanderer in a dark desert.”
  3. “I really loved the live show I caught in Columbus. We talked about our progress as a culture. Fantastic material! Great lecturer!”

Columbian Art Museum

The Columbus Museum of Art is not a boring exhibit that showcases weak expressions of modern art. It showcases the most creative photographs and paintings, as well as sculptures and glass art. The best way to experience the Columbus Museum of Art is to attend one of the galleries’ regular programs, which use them as backdrops. You don’t want to miss the JP Morgan Chase Center for Creativity, though. Here you will find a creativity salon with hands-on products to inspire you.

Consider art and expression in your captions here. Try to bring the reader – in this case your followers – closer to the artwork shown in your photos. Beauty is in the details.

Columbus Museum of Art Caption Ideas

  1. “It made me think of my own father. He’s been giving me the same look since I can remember. It’s creepy and surprising.”
  2. “This horse figurine made of twigs didn’t catch my eye until I stood next to it. I think that’s exactly what makes it great. It fits the background so perfectly it’s almost weird.”
  3. “I really liked the creativity lounge. If you come to visit this museum, DON’T MISS THE JP Morgan Chase Center for Creativity. Ridiculously inspiring.”

Topiary Park

Topiary Park is perhaps one of the most unique and surprising places to see in Columbus. Just like your regular park, there are only 54 life-size topiary sculptures. You can come here and have a picnic, enjoy the greenery and look at the magnificent statuettes. Now that’s something you don’t see every day.

The focus here is on whatever comes to mind, although you can’t avoid commenting on the sculptures.

Topiary Park

Topiary Park Caption Ideas

  1. “…I mean, I’ve seen it in a movie or two, but it’s ridiculous that it’s so similar to what I remember from the TV screen.”
  2. “I’m just chilling out, enjoying a picnic with my dog. Near a huge bush poodle. The bush is surrounded by people. In a bush park.”
  3. “This is my favorite piece of art so far, period.”
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Columbus Photo Shoot

Wherever you go in the Ohio capital, you’ll see loads of photo opportunities. Whether it’s a zoo, a museum, or a whimsical park with topiary sculptures, you’ll have plenty of material to post on your social media profiles for a while. As long as you have great captions to match your photos, your Instagram popularity is sure to grow.

Have you ever been to this beautiful city? What is your favorite memory of Columbus? Share your favorite photo from your trip with a neat caption in the comments section below.