The Best Kik Bots You Can Interact With Right Now

In any other case, knowing that you are talking to a bot will result in that conversation ending immediately. Not so on Kik, as bots are a famous part of the platform. Intelligent, sometimes witty and mostly interesting automated chatbots provide some slight relief if your friends aren’t around. It also offers the chance to interact with some of the top brands. Here are what I think are the best Kik bots you can interact with right now.

There are many blogs and websites that list bots that just chat, so I looked for bots that do more. Something useful or left field. Here’s what I found.

In the context of Kik, a bot is an automated script that responds to your chats in a reasonably intelligent way. What makes them different from bots on other platforms is that Kik bots don’t pretend to be real or ask you for anything. This makes a nice change!

Some bots are created by Kik, others by companies, and others by individuals. All worth a few minutes of your time.

Funny or Die

Funny Or Die is one of my favorite Kik bots. Contact @Funnyordie and he will send you a series of images, videos or GIFs. Your job is to control him and answer funny or die depending on how you find him. While some of the images he posts are silly, most of them are actually pretty funny. I have a very dry sense of humor but found myself giggling at most of the things this bot sent me.

joke bot

Prank Bot is another fun Kik bot worth chatting about. will send you a joke on request. These are essentially a series of one-line, ‘man entering the bar’, ‘what did one turkey say to the other’ etc. They’re all pretty funny, and I’ve actually heard very little of them before. While there isn’t much interaction with this bot, it has the capacity to make you laugh.

The best Kik bots you can interact with right now-2

Notification Bot

Notifications Bot is an alert bot that you can configure to alert you about new movies, breaking news, daily tips, RSS feeds, restaurants near you, new TV shows, music, sports results and upcoming games, video game streams, Twitch streams, weather. and more. It has a wide selection and while it may not speak to you, it does another great use, reminding you of things you might otherwise forget. I wish it did anniversaries or birthdays…

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Zombie Invasion

Zombie Invasion is a Kik bot game that reminds me of old text adventures. This is a scenario game similar to board game RPGs where you are told the situation and you have to decide what to do to escape from the situation. The messages are good, descriptive and quite engaging. Each new instruction comes as a new message, and you respond to these messages with your preferred action.

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Lingio Quiz+Translation

Lingio Quiz+Translate is perfect if you’re traveling or interacting with non-English speakers. It is a good chatbot that speaks 50+ languages ​​and will test you on the knowledge you gain to make sure you learn. Start a conversation with @lingiotranslator, type in the language you want to learn and type in a sentence you want to translate. The bot will reply with a reply in the language you choose. While I haven’t used it abroad, I’ve tested it with an Italian and a French speaker, and they both say it’s correct.

Country Test

Similarly, the Country Exam. Interact with this bot if you want to broaden your horizons or learn about a new place. It starts with country flags and there are hundreds more. While simple, I found this bot invaluable when I was at Zwift as each rider is represented by their own flag. Some I had never seen before.

Air duct

The Weather Channel is essential for anyone living in a state with variable weather conditions like myself. I also have outdoor hobbies, so this bot is pretty handy if I want to know what’s going to happen in a few hours. You can interact with this bot directly or set it to send you a daily weather report so you always know what to expect.


My last Kik bot you can interact with right now is Sensay. Sensay pairs you with a total stranger to chat about anything. You can use location to find another Kik user near or far, and it’s a great way to meet new people anonymously. The bot will not identify your username so you can really chat about absolutely anything. Sometimes this will work in your favor, other times it really won’t!