Thanks to a TikTok trend, this simple supermarket bag is selling for more than €1,000 on eBay


Trends and challenges on TikTok often get a bad rap; this is mainly because some of them are particularly dangerous for those who engage in them. Fortunately, most are generally invasive as long as you watch your wallet. The latest trend is unexpected to say the least, but it proves once again the influence of the Chinese social network on the way we consume.

You probably have a plastic bag (or several) at home that you bought from a supermarket. So, do you have the latest fashion bag? With just a few videos, TikTok manages to turn an “ordinary” plastic bag into a must-have accessory in your collection. Many users on the platform talk about what they brought from shopping, prepare clothes including bags, etc.

€1000 per supermarket bag, that’s the power of TikTok

As a result, more and more Internet users wanted to buy the famous bag distributed in American Trader’s Joe supermarkets. It’s not available in France, so to get it you have to go through the second-hand market, be it Vinted, Leboncoin or eBay. Frankly, we didn’t have to wait long for prices to skyrocket with such enthusiasm. While the bag retails for $2.99 ​​in stores, for a while we were able to find it on eBay for $1,100 (just over 1,000 euros).

These prices remain exceptional and are actually currently trending downwards. After a few days you will have to count “only” €10 and €30 to get the bag. Prices are still quite high and sellers justify this by factoring in shipping costs from the USA. If TikTok is now at risk of being banned in the United States, the app is once again demonstrating its impact on our consumption habits.

Source : Washington Post

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