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TAG People on Instagram Announced!

You may think that Instagram is all about photos and videos, but nothing works without hashtags. That’s why hashtags in all shapes and forms are so important on Instagram, and knowing how to tag properly can mean a lot to both you and the person you’re tagging.


Hashtags are what keeps the entire social media platform going. You can’t do that, but people use the search bar on Instagram for more than just finding an account to follow. Some people like to explore this rich social media platform through hashtags.

But how does that answer the question of how to tag someone? Well, while hashtagging doesn’t actually mean tagging an account, it can mean a lot to influencers and people who care about their reach and following. This is especially true if they use a unique hashtag; If you also use it when tagging your posts, you’re likely to spread their reach and help them gain new followers.

Hashtags can be made on Instagram posts as well as in Stories, but hashtags in Stories are generally rejected for hashtag collection, regardless of whether your profile is public or not. However, if you want to hashtag someone, it’s worth a try because you can give them some extra exposure.



Mention is often confused with tagging. The main difference here is that when you mention someone you do it in the post description. This means that when your followers tap on the photo, their name will not appear in the actual photo. However, mentioning someone will inform them and give you the option to add the post to your Story, which is a great reposting tool.

This is great for the “mentioned” party too, if the profile mentioning them is private. If you have access to someone’s profile that mentions you, you can repost it as a Story. Tagging someone in a post doesn’t make it reshareable, but it has other benefits as well.


When it comes to good old tagging, it’s essentially doing what Myspace has been doing since its early days: You get a nametag anywhere you’re tagged under your face or in a photo. This allows your followers to go directly to the profile of the person tagged from your post, which is helpful especially if the post has more people.

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But what tagging does is the photo you’re tagged in. Your photos section in your profile. People who view your profile will often visit this section, and having great content in your tagged posts is just as important as having great content in your posts section. When it comes to posts, both tagging and mentioning are very helpful to the person tagged, and both take only a few seconds.


But with the introduction of Stories, a new tagging format was introduced. First, you can’t really tag someone in the story. It’s actually called a “mention” and for all intents and purposes it’s a mix of a mention and a tag. When mentioning someone in your story, you add the “@” sign in front of their username, just like in the post description. However, the mention is often placed next to the person in the photo, like a tag. Tap on mention and you will see the user’s name.

Where post tags don’t allow you to reshare the post you were tagged in, Story mentions allow you to reshare a Story you mentioned on your profile. This is very useful for resharing posts for the same reasons as Stories.

How to

The real techniques behind hashtags have been simplified. To mention a hashtag, simply add the “#” symbol in front of it. For example, if you wanted to hashtag actor James Franco, simply #jamesfranco would be enough. You will likely come across multiple hashtag options, so pick the one with the most followers.

To mention someone in a post, simply add the “@” symbol in front of their name. As soon as you start typing the username, you will be greeted with a list of profiles. Select the person in question and that’s it. To mention someone in a Story, either enter write mode and do the same, or stickers Select and select the “@mention” tag.

To tag someone in a post, select a photo and when you get to the title screen, tap . tag peopleTap anywhere on the photo and type the name of the person you want to tag.

to mention

That’s all folks!

When it comes to tagging on Instagram, knowing what type of hashtag (hashtag, mention, Story mention) to use and when to use it is essential. It’s always recommended to do all the types of tags you can, but sometimes no hashtags and mentions work better aesthetically than having both. And remember, aesthetics is very important on Instagram.

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How do you tag people? Have you ever thought? Share your thoughts below.