Supervisory Board says Facebook is making progress in the fight against disinformation

Meta Supervisory Board It consists of 20 members from the political or judicial world. He’s making decisions about content moderation at Facebook, a crucial issue at a time when big names in tech are vengefully sacking people. misinformation and cyberattacks are rampant.

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The sages of the supervisory board returned to key events experienced by the company and platform users, including the Covid-19 pandemic. Second, it has changed not only people’s lives, but also the role of social networks. Facebook has served as a sounding board for the most smoky theories about the vaccine and its effects, allowing conspirators to spread many lies, board members admit. False information about the effects of Covid-19 vaccines was so common on Facebook that The White House went so far as to accuse Mark Zuckerberg of laxity..

Facebook chosen for not being transparent about misinformation

The board of directors believes that Meta’s “a Impact study on features like Facebook News Feed recommendation algorithms this can increase disinformation”. Additionally, wise people advise Meta leaders to publish results and be more transparent about their policy when it comes to fake news. According to them, Covid pandemic has allowed malicious actors to “erode democracy supporters”.

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Disinformation has indeed become a real weapon of mass manipulation at the state level. Russia, among other countries, is waging real cyberwarfare through networks that spread misinformation about Ukraine. For council members, it’s time for Meta to take a look at the algorithm that powers Facebook’s Member Stream.

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