State Council is official, Tax Office can monitor your social networks

Remember, in November 2019, we mentioned in our columns this controversial new measure involving mass surveillance of social networks by the Tax Office and customs. An experiment approved by lawmakers with the adoption of Article 57 of the 2020 fiscal law.

After the agreement of the National Assembly, an implementing decree was issued in February 2021 to set the terms for this experiment. Here’s what he says:Tax administrations and customs may collect, through computer processing, publicly disclosed data on social networks and electronic networking platforms”.

In other words, customs and Fics can review your photos on Facebook, Twitter since 2020 and watch to track the products you sell on BonCoin. reveal any inconsistencies with your statements like a swimming pool or an undeclared second home.

Of course, this measure is perceived by associations for the defense of freedoms on the Internet as follows: deeply libertarian. Moreover, la Quadrature du Net decided to take over the Council of State in 2021 in order to cancel this experiment and censor the text.

The State Council allows social networks to be monitored by the Tax Office.

However, we have just learned that the high court rendered its decision on July 22. To the suffering of the association, The Council of State decided to side with the government. In other words, there is no cancellation or suspension of social media monitoring by customs and tax authorities.

On the contrary, this practice will likely continue. Thanks to the vote on the next finance law of 2022. Eastern Council,that authorized data collection may relate only to freely accessible content”. In addition, the institution assured that the technical implementation of the device “did not allow”.Contrary to what is claimed, it is a generalized and undifferentiated collection of personal data during the learning and design phase”.

without surprise, la Quadrature du Net condemns this decision of the Council of State, This ensures the sustainability of the device. “Politically, if you look at everything that is done from a surveillance standpoint, something experimental for a limited time will be written into the legislative marble a few years later”, He reassures Bastien le Querrec of La Quadrature du Net.

Source : Euroactive

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