Snapchat: Why Do I See a Heart of Gold?

No matter how long you’ve been using Snapchat, there’s still a lot of interesting stuff for you to discover and learn.

For example, do you know what each emoji actually means when it appears next to your Snapchat friend’s name? Specifically, do you know what a golden heart means?

These emojis are not there by accident and are set by Snapchat, not by the user. This article will give you a brief lesson on emojis you may encounter, with a particular focus on hearts.

The Meaning Behind Snapchat Emojis


Snapchat uses emojis to show a few different things. You can learn interesting things about your friends and also track the progress of your friendship.

The Meaning Behind the Heart of Gold

golden heart

If you’ve noticed a gold (yellow) heart next to one of your Snapchat friends, the two of you are each other’s best friends on Snapchat. The app solves this by keeping track of the number of snapshots you send to each other. This is compared to the number of snapshots you both have sent to other users.

A heart of gold basically means you send the most snaps to that particular Snapchat friend and your friend sends you the most snaps.

The Meaning Behind the Red Heart

red heart

The red heart emoji is one step ahead of the golden heart. This emoji means you and a friend are best friends on the app for two weeks.

The Meaning Behind Pink Hearts

pink heart

If you’ve noticed the pink heart emoji next to your Snapchat friend’s name, all we have to say is – congratulations!

This emoji means you and your Snapchat friend have been best friends for two months. Pink hearts will stay here unless one of you sends more photos to another user than your best friend.

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The Meaning Behind the Gold Star

Gold Star

This emoji has nothing to do with your friendship status. If you notice the gold star emoji next to a username, it means someone has replayed that person’s snap in the last 24 hours.

Snapchat uses this emoji to tell its users if someone has something interesting to show.

The Meaning Behind the Face with Sunglasses

face with sunglasses

The face with the sunglasses emoji means that this person is good friends with one of your good Snapchat friends. In other words, it means that both you and that person have sent lots of snaps to your mutual Snapchat friend.

The Meaning Behind the Fire


If you’re taking pictures with your Snapchat friend every day and he’s pulling you back, you’ll see the fire emoji next to their name. That means you’re on a Snapstreak with that friend.

Meaning Behind the Face


The face emoji is one step ahead of the fire emoji, as you will see next to your friend’s name when you chat back and forth with them for 100 days in a row.

The Meaning Behind the Hourglass

Sand watch

If you haven’t taken a photo with a friend in a while with a fire emoji next to their name, you’ll see an hourglass.

This emoji notifies you that your Snapstreak is almost finished. To keep the series alive, you should send your friend a snap immediately. And they have to send it back.

The Meaning Behind the Birthday Cake

Birthday cake

This emoji is easy to decipher. The person with the birthday cake emoji next to their name has a birthday that day.

But what you need to know is that this emoji can be disabled by toggling the Birthday Party feature in Settings. If you don’t want your Snapchat contacts to know it’s your birthday, the app has you covered.

The Meaning Behind the Baby


When you’re friends with someone on Snapchat, you’ll see the baby emoji next to their name. After a while, this emoji will disappear because it only tells you about your most recent Snapchat friendships.

Zodiac Emojis

snapchat zodiac-emoji

Besides the previously mentioned emojis that represent friendship milestones between you and another Snapchat user, there are also zodiac emojis.

These emojis show your friend’s horoscope calculated based on the birthday date entered.

Raise These Numbers and Get New Milestones

Now you know what the most important Snapchat emojis are, and you also know what to do if you want to get new emojis with a certain friend.

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Is collecting emojis part of your Snapchat experience? Let us know in the comments below.