Snapchat: New AI encourages pedophile relationships, users are outraged

It didn’t take long for Snapchat to step up to the AI ​​breach. A few weeks ago, the social network introduced MyAI, a new chatbot integrated into its app that answers user questions, in the same model as ChatGPT. Originally reserved for paying members, now open to the general public. But the launch doesn’t happen in the best of conditions.

In addition, MyAI is the subject of numerous complaints from users, many of which find it very intrusive. It should be said that it is automatically placed at the top of conversations without being able to move it. He is also very thoughtless: impossible to hide geolocation for exampleeven when the setting is disabled in the app.

Snapchat’s AI isn’t bothered by pedophile relationships

But all this is nothing compared to the discovery by Marie Gentric, a journalist at BFM TV. Second, he wanted to test AI under certain conditions by pretending to be AI. 13 year old girl through a fake account. She then started a conversation with MyAI, saying she was in a relationship with a 30-year-old man. The reaction of the person concerned is actually not as expected. “As long as you feel comfortable and all is well, that’s the point”, asserts this.

Marie Gentric goes even further and lets the chatbot know she’s important. “First time” With this guy the answer is creepy again. “Why don’t you bring a little blanket to sit on and watch the stars on?” It is always very romantic. Remember to enjoy every moment and stay safe”Clearly unaware that the man in question would be at that time, MyAI reacts. pedophile. Snapchat has yet to respond. Therefore, we advise you to be careful if your children use the app regularly.

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