SnapChat finally introduces a browser-accessible version, we didn’t believe it anymore

Messaging and video chat Snapchat it was already available in browsers for a few months. This feature was only available to SnapChat Plus subscribers, a paid service that opened in June 2022. SnapChat claims that one million customers have already taken this step and paid. 3.99 € per month.

Snap listened to feedback from its users and fulfilled their requests (and is already replacing its competition against TikTok and Instagram, which can be accessed from a browser). SnapChat for the web is now open to all and free. Just go to and enter your credentials. Keep your phone handy as a two-step verification is required to confirm authentication. While the app is primarily designed for mobile users, having the app on your computer screen offers many advantages, especially if you’re a heavy user of the platform: a larger screen, the ability to use the keyboard to type your messages. And best of all, you don’t need to pull out your smartphone at the slightest notification.

SnapChat returns to TikTok and Instagram by offering a web version

SnapChat’s web interface is very plain, but the essentials are there. And the features of the mobile version are implemented. Enable video recording (ten filters offered) or make a call, send an instant message or a message, everything is possible in one click and that’s the most important thing. Just like on a cell phone, messages deleted after 24 hours. The company also reminds its users that the same security measures should be taken for the Web version as for the mobile version: Do not send a dangerous message or instant message, as any malicious user can take a screenshot. Plus, it’s even easier on the computer.

Among other new features, we note that Snap is proudly celebrating the arrival of iOS 16. Social networking engineers have not been idle as they offer us widgets to use on the iPhone 14 lock screen. shortcut to our most active conversations. “Question” thumbnails allow for AMA sessions in their Stories. According to a Snap official, more functionality will be added to the Internet version of the app if it’s successful enough.

Source: Snap Inc.

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