Russia now sees Meta as a terrorist organization

Russia continues to isolate itself from the rest of the world. Since the beginning of the Ukraine conflict, the Putin administration has been waging a second war in parallel against the American tech giants. Google has since had to file for bankruptcy in the country, while Wikipedia faces threats of censorship. The goal is clear: Russia wants to control the information circulating around its war policy.

While massive population movements have shaken the region since the partial mobilization of residents was announced, today Russia wants to be even tougher against Meta. Mark Zuckerberg’s group was in the spotlight of the government, which the government accused of making propaganda specifically for LGBT communities. Today, the company has joined a list that is vague to say the least: extremist terrorists.

Russia definitely wants to get rid of Facebook and Instagram

This is indeed what AFP told us and who can consult A database of the Federal Financial Monitoring Service that identifies organizations deemed dangerous to homeland security for this reason. Last March, Facebook had to come to terms with Russian officials, who later made its decision by designating the social network as a terrorist.

Therefore, this thing is now official and it looks like Meta and its social networks will be permanently banned from the territory of Russia. The impact of this on the company’s operations is still difficult to predict. The same goes for the Kremlin’s propaganda activities, which actively use Facebook to spread fake news on the Internet.

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