Russia bans Facebook and Instagram considered “extremist” by Kremlin

A judge at the Tverskoy Court in Moscow told Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram ” extremist activities As Russian state media TASS initially reported. This new declaration reinforces the ban against social networks that has been in effect for several days, as follows: prevent them from continuing their activities in Russia.

According to Judge Olga Solopova, “ the court decided to uphold the legal act of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia “The ban will go into effect and prevent Meta from doing business or opening new branches in the country,” he said. now “. This isn’t the first time the Kremlin has been so harsh on Mark Zuckerberg’s work.the latter since it recently joined Russia’s list of terrorist organisations.

WhatsApp freed from Russia sanctions

It should be noted that the messaging application WhatsApp, which is very popular in Russia, has been removed from the decision, although it also belongs to Meta. ” The decision does not apply to Meta’s WhatsApp messaging activities due to the lack of functionality for public disclosure of information. According to the Russian court.

Russia banned Facebook from the country for restricting access to Russian media, while Instagram was blocked after Meta said it would allow social media users in Ukraine to send messages inciting violence against Russian President Vladimir Putin and Moscow’s troops to Ukraine . .

Indeed, the digital giant Meta loosened its moderation policy earlier this month He wanted the Russian head of state and Russian troops to allow death calls, but said his guidelines should never be construed as an endorsement of violence against Russians in general. Hateful messages directed at Russian civilians are completely banned by the social network.

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