Reddit: You can now reply with GIFs for free

A new partnership has emerged between Reddit and Giphy. All users will now be able to respond with GIFs. The property was paid before that or was subject to several conditions.

This is very good news that famous Reddit forum users have just learned. Wednesday, July 13, online GIF database Giphy announces new partnership with Reddit. This includes an extension of Reddit’s GIF functionality, especially in comments for all users. This new partnership will literally change the lives of any user who wants to respond with GIFs.

Long before this partnership, they often posted a link to a GIF on a third-party server. But the new partnership removes the extra step of clicking a linked GIF to see the image or animation. Reddit had previously tested adding GIFs to Reddit comments. But was only available to those who paid for a Powerups subscription.. After seeing the success of this feature for the last two years, it will now be available to all users.

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All Reddit users can now respond with GIFs

But the new partnership demands it. existing ‘sub reddit’ moderators agree to enable new feature. Being able to reply with GIFs only applies to appropriate subreddits if moderators have chosen to use it. In other words, if your subreddit existed long before this feature went live, your moderators would need to enable it to make it available on that subreddit. Conversely, if the feature was launched after release, the GIF replies feature should already be enabled.

The GIFs represent the latest update Reddit has added to their comment section. Already last April, Reddit starts indexing comments in its searches. Part of the move was to make it easier to find things outside of certain subdirectories, something users have wanted for a long time. More recently, Reddit has also started testing Collection AvatarsProgram for selling NFT profile pictures that avoids using the term NFT.

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