Notifications Not Working on Tinder – What To Do

Tinder is a great dating app, at least while it works. Many people often encounter different issues on Tinder, some of which include notification issues. For a new message, you may receive a notification before you can read or reply to it, or you may not even receive the notification in the first place.

Either way, it can be very upsetting for users. Imagine finding a date only to find yourself unable to message them back. It’s frustrating to say the least but it’s fixable.

In this article, you will learn what to do when Tinder notifications are not working properly.

Not Receiving Any Push Notifications on Tinder

Tinder has officially acknowledged that its notifications can get a little cumbersome at times. They always say it’s temporary and usually manage to fix it in a reasonable time. There are a few things you can do at your disposal while you wait for a fix.

For starters, you can try disabling and re-enabling notifications in your Tinder settings.

Here’s what you need to do for each major platform:

  1. Web Browser Users – If you use Tinder in your browser, you need to open your browser. Then go to Settings and disable notifications. Finally, enable them again and confirm. These steps work for any device or browser, slightly different for each.
  2. Apple Users – If you have an iPad or iPhone, you need to open the iOS settings. Then tap Notifications and finally Tinder. Disable notifications first and then enable them.
  3. Android Users – If you have an Android device, go to device settings, then select Sound & Notifications, tap App Notifications and finally select Tinder. Disable notifications for Tinder and then enable it again.

In case the issue persists for a long time even after trying these steps, you should check your Tinder notification settings. Open Tinder on your device and then select your profile icon at the top of the primary window. Select Settings and go to Notifications to see if they are enabled. If not, open it.

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Other Fixes for Notifications on Tinder

Here are some general tips for improving Tinder performance, including notifications. Some may sound silly, but believe it or not, it works.

Update Tinder

You should always use the latest version of any app to make its performance as good as possible. The same is true for Tinder. They regularly release fixes for these issues, so an update might be all you need. Also, keep your device system updated to keep it fresh and fast.

Force Close Tinder

In case Tinder misbehaves with notifications, try to close the app and open it once again. Check your running apps and close them from there or tap and hold the Tinder icon then select Force Stop. Restart Tinder and your problem may be gone.

Reinstall Tinder

In case Tinder continues to work, you can easily remove it from the window mentioned in the last paragraph. The uninstall option is right next to the Force Stop option. Then go to the official Tinder Google Play Store or App Store page and download it from there. Install from scratch and see if you still have notification issues.

Restart Your Smartphone

Sometimes all you need to fix your Tinder problems is to restart your device. Just turn off your device and then turn it back on. If that’s why it’s misbehaving, this should fix a temporary bug on Tinder.

Check Your Connection

Notifications may not appear if your connection is unstable. See if your phone is always connected to Wi-Fi. If not, check your router. In case your internet drops, try using your cellular data. This may fix the problem even if your Wi-Fi is working.

The solution also works the other way around; Try switching from mobile data to Wi-Fi. If none of this worked, maybe try using a VPN service. It stands for Virtual Private Network and is good for private browsing as it encrypts your data and improves your online anonymity.

mobile phone

Problem solved

Following these steps closely should fix your issue with Tinder notifications. For some, it may take all the steps to finally be able to receive notifications or messages normally. If you want the most valuable tip for using Tinder, it is to always keep it updated. The latest version of the app always runs the smoothest and fixes bugs that may have been present in previous versions.

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Which of these methods helped you fix your Tinder notification issues? Have you had any other notification issues since then? Let us know in the comments below.