New Born Hashtags – To Add New To Your Life

As of June 2018, there are over one billion users on Instagram. Statistics show that more than 60% of users log in daily. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Instagram has an important place in our lives.

Therefore, it makes sense for new parents to want to use this platform to share their joy with the world. Posts about cute newborns are extremely popular and attract the attention of Instagram users from all walks of life.

There is a wide variety of hashtags you can use in your newborn’s photos and videos. This is a great way to meet Instagram’s parent community. Being an Instagram parent is a lot of fun, and that’s where it starts.

What are the best hashtags to use if you want to reach lots of new people? Let’s look at the most popular tags for newborns.

Keeping it Simple

where do you start You can always tag your photo with #newborn.

This sticker is a delight to scroll through. You can enjoy photos and videos of sleeping, smiling, thoughtful babies. Some moms post their delivery room selfies with this hashtag.

However, this hashtag is currently used on more than 14.5 million posts. This means your posts will get lost in the crowd. To connect with more potential followers, you need to look at alternatives.

So what are your options?

Using #baby is not a good idea if you want your posts to stand out. This hashtag is used about ten times more often than #newborn. New posts are replaced in the blink of an eye.

This hashtag is used for a variety of topics, from nursery room decorations to maternity wear. Some use it to tag baby animals or simply as an expression of love. You need something more specific if you want to take the spotlight.


You can start with #itsaboy or #itsagirl. Both of these tags currently have around 1.8 million posts. It’s an improvement, but you want to narrow it down further.

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Why don’t you go for #newbornboy and #newborngirl? These hashtags span 120,000 and 160,000 posts respectively, making them a great choice for parents who don’t have many followers yet.

Have you chosen to hire a professional photographer? In that case it’s a good idea to use hashtags like #babyphotography, #posednewbornphotography or #posednewborn.

If you’re documenting your little one’s first moments, try #fresh48. #milestones are another popular option. You can always tag actual milestones as well. For example, #beer is a nice option and currently has around 450,000 posts.

Label Ideas:

#newborns, #newbabyboy, #newbabygirl, #babyboy, #babygirl, #brandnewbaby, #brandnewbabe, #welcometotheworld, #welcomebaby, #newbornpictures, #newbornphotos, #newbornphoto, #newbornphotoprops, #babyprops, #babyphotography, #newbornphotoshoot, #newbornphotoshoots , #newborn, #baby, #newbaby, #fresh48photography, #fresh48oturum, #biraylıkbaby, #1month old

Emotional and Funny Newborn Labels

Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags in your posts. If you want to reach a large audience, your best bet is to use it. In general, it’s best to stay in the 11 to 30 hashtag range.

Why not use something funny, descriptive and emotional? #cute and #love are very common, so let’s look at better options.

#babylove currently has around 10 million posts. But if you go for #adorablebaby, you’ll find around 300,000 posts. This means it’s not too vague, but your posts have a chance to get noticed.

#sleeplikeababy is a sweet option. This hashtag has been used in around 60,000 posts so far.

If you love using props why not try #babyglamour? This hashtag has only been used on around 5,000 posts, but you can combine it with more popular tags.

Label Ideas:

#tenfingers, #tentoes, #newbabysister, #newbabybrother, #newbabylove, #sleepingbeauty, #cutebabygirl, #cutebabyboy, #cutebabyvideo, #cutebabyphoto, #babyroom, #lilsis, #lilbro, #toocuteforwords

Parenting Tags

Connecting with other new parents is a great way to avoid feeling isolated when you’re at home with your newborn. It feels good to interact with people who know the joys and challenges of being a new parent.

So why not choose labels that reflect how you feel? #joyfulmamas and #newbabylife are popular options and you can always add that you’re shooting a #allnighter.

#babyselfie has around 340,000 posts so far. You can post sweet and funny pictures of your newborn baby and yourself. Many Instagram users love unedited, candid parenting photos.

You can also look at existing parent communities who love photography. Tagging your post with #clickinmoms can be the best way to get noticed as it includes images in bulk posts.

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Label Ideas:

#instafamily, #instababy, #childofig, #instamom, #pixel_kids, #myhonestmotherhood, #igmotherhood, #lifeasmama, #parenthood_moments, #kidsforreal, #justmomlife, #babyselfies, #littlefierceones, #myhonestmotherhood, #igmotherhood, #lifeasmama, #childmomotherhoodun

Last word

Remember that the best way to be successful on Instagram is to follow people back. With that in mind, why not set out and explore your options? After some research, you will find the perfect hashtags for your posts.

There are many friendly, welcoming mom bloggers out there. You can also enjoy interacting with smaller baby fashion and baby photography communities. Don’t forget to leave likes and comments to connect with other parents.