Metaverse will be just as important as smartphones, according to Meta

If more and more companies around the world have launched themselves in the Metaverse, it must be admitted that this virtual universe is struggling to seduce the general public. Evidence of this is Meta, the precursor to the Metaverse, which has accumulated significant losses.

In April 2022, we learned that Meta lost at least $3 billion due to massive investments in Reality Labs, its Metaverse division. And beware, these losses are only about the first quarter of 2022. The deficit exceeds 10 billion dollars…

Metaverse as popular as smartphones?

But never mind, these setbacks don’t really worry Meta, who continues to firmly believe in Metaverse’s success. Chris Cox, chief product officer of the social network, said in a panel discussion at the Davos Economic Forum:The metaverse would one day become as essential as smartphones”.

During this conference dedicated to this virtual universe exactly, the administrator tried to explain why the meta universe is trying so hard to attract the attention of the general public. According to that, The main issue with metaverse remains the lack of interoperability with other platforms.

I think the internet is a really good way to think about the Metaverse because some parts of the internet are very coherent.” The administrator specifically mentions the ease with which users can switch from one application or site to another on the Internet. Something that is not yet possible in the metadata store.

Metaverse puts things first on Meta

Anyway, if Meta’s thinking minds continue to believe 100% in the Metaverse, that’s not quite the case for the company’s drivers. Indeed, in October 2022, we learned that many employees hate using Horizon Worlds, Meta’s virtual reality app. Especially the fault of insect problems like an avalanche…

A few weeks later, Meta surprised everyone by announcing the departure of more than 11,000 employees and the adoption of a massive austerity plan. Again, Mark Zuckerberg confirms spending on Reality Labs studies will continue to rise in 2023

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