Meta will launch its connected glasses that compete with Apple Glass in 2024

First prototype of Meta glasses made

On the design side, the first non-functional prototype would look like this: a pair of large black glasses weight reaching 100 grams (4 times heavier than ordinary glasses). The screen will be entrusted micro LED displays. Integrated sensors will follow the user’s gaze.

The Verge also conjures up the presence of a front camera (for recording video and taking photos) and speakers built into frames like Bose’s Frames glasses. We imagine that the Meta could specifically use bone conduction to propagate sound.

To power the device, Meta from its Asian partners produce custom chips. For now, the glasses still appear to be in embryonic condition. Verge, a “a steady show” It was developed by Mark Zuckerberg engineers placed on a table. However, this prototype cannot yet function.

Glasses to communicate with augmented reality holograms

Upon completion, Meta’s glasses are especially communicate with 3D holograms that represent your contacts. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the accessory aims to offer immersive video calls that are very different from existing 2D video calls. The engine will focus on communication between metastore users.

The founder of Meta (formerly Facebook) has very high ambitions for the project. According to an employee interviewed by The Verge, Mark Zuckerberg wants “Meta Glass” to be released. as iconic as the presentation of the first iPhone.

To reach a wide audience, Meta also a less pretentious version of glasses : Hypernova. When connected to a smartphone, they would show notifications and the way to a place in AR. Thanks to the wide variety of devices of this principle, “Meta hopes to sell tens of millions of smart glasses by the end of this decade”said Alex Himel, head of augmented reality at Meta.

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