Meta wants to revolutionize Facebook by offering a TikTok-inspired news feed

2020: Mayhem on Facebook. While TikTok exploded in public just a few months ago, it has already surpassed the historic social network in the number of downloads. Meta, which was not named as such at the time, then decided to retaliate by copying the best features of its new rival. The reels appear On Instagram, Facebook is increasingly focusing on Stories.

But that’s not enough and youngest users leave ship one by one for the benefit of competition. Today, therefore, it’s time to pass the second. In an internal document obtained by The Verge, Meta details the revolution Facebook is about to experience. Broadcasts from the people and pages we follow, lead to activity-based recommendations.

Facebook is trying everything for everything, turning into TikTok

“The risk for us is not to develop into thinking that this form of communication and social connection has no value”, defends Facebook’s new leader, Tom Alison, in the document. Instead of ignoring this fact, the social network will therefore directly greet it. Here’s what Facebook will look like after conversion.

Will dominate the News Feed A mix of Stories and Reels at the top of the page. Next will be posts from the “discovery engine”, Meta’s in-house algorithm inspired by TikTok, Facebook and Instagram that will offer content likely to appeal to the public. The focus will be on the videoto prioritize these publications over text and images.

Another important change Messenger will reintegrate the app, after breaking up a few years ago. Like Tiktok and Instagram, a button at the top of the screen lets you chat directly with your friends to highlight the social aspect of the platform. Instagram, for its part, is already marking the beginning of this metamorphosis, with content recommendations coming in more and more insistently.

Source : Boundary

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