Meta is dropping the idea of ​​linked messaging between Instagram and Messenger

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In 2020, Meta (then known as Facebook) made a big promise to users. By integrating interoperability between Messenger and Instagram, the company was envisioning a future where only one platform would allow messages to be sent between all apps. The return to reality after three years is brutal. Meta announced the throw in the towel in a blog post available only on the American version of the site.

After a few days, it will no longer be possible to send messages between Messenger and Instagram. Therefore, the two messaging services will be limited to their own ecosystems and the bridge between them will no longer exist. It is stated that if Meta does not make any statement regarding this decision, all conversations before this date will remain accessible from both applications. However, it will no longer be possible to send new messages or see other users online.

Meta cuts ties between Messenger and Instagram

Everything indicates that the Meta project faces difficulties too great to be realized. We learned that end-to-end encryption, which is especially loved by WhatsApp users in 2021, will also be available on Instagram and Messenger in 2023. To date, this technology is actually available in both applications, but at the cost of a significant delay.

Beyond understanding what drove Meta to make this decision, there’s a real question about the risks the company carries. Let us remember that the DMA, Europe’s legislation for digital spaces, will come into force on March 6, 2024. From this date, Europe will be able to force companies to integrate interoperability among their services.

Why remove the connection between Messenger and Instagram at the beginning of this new regulation? It’s easy to imagine the arrival of a new platform that allows sending messages between all Meta applications. To date, this possibility still seems very remote. Moreover, note that the DMA considers Messenger and Instagram to belong to different service categories.

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