Meta has found a way to make money with the metaverse

Not surprisingly, Meta (formerly Facebook) monetize metastore. The Californian group is currently working on two solutions to monetize the digital worlds. According to the latest information, Meta aims to launch its own digital currency for trading in the metaverse. After the failure of the Diem cryptocurrency, Meta would develop a centralized in-app token similar to ROBUX for the Roblox game instead of a token on the blockchain.

At the same time, Mark Zuckerberg’s company will also present the creators available on their platform. sell virtual goods. On Monday, April 11, 2022, Meta announced its intention to allow creators to monetize.Horizon WorldsThe world can be accessed through a virtual reality headset.

Meta is committed to monetizing its metastore

This program will initially be open to a handful of creators in the United States. there will be creators free to sell anything, from accessing the VIP section of their own universe to virtual objects like jewels. “For example, someone might make and sell accessories for a fashion ‘world’ or offer paid access to another part of a ‘world’. describes the company. A $10 million fund has been set up to encourage artists who want to start the metaverse of Meta.

As expected, Meta will get a share of the profits made by the creators. The company will apply a 30% fee, which is the same as the 30% it charges from developers selling apps on its virtual reality platform Quest Store. On the remaining amount, Meta will receive a commission of 25%.

We’re running a test today with a handful of creators to get their feedback, but these tools represent steps towards our long-term vision for metadata, where creators can earn a living and people can buy goods, services and digital experiences.” , Welcome to meta.

This first attempt to monetize the Metaverse drew criticism from Facebook critics. Frances HaugenAn informant waging a real holy war against the company believes Meta will repeat the same mistakes as Facebook by monetizing its users’ data. “I’m very concerned about the number of sensors involved. We need to put a lot more microphones and a lot more sensors in our homes once we get into the metadata store.”sorry Frances Haugen.

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