Meta: Europe could ban Facebook and Instagram in a month

It is believing that Ireland has it. a tooth against facebook. Just months after social networks were handed a €17m fine, the country announced a measure that could completely redistribute power cards across continental Europe. Indeed, if the European Union specifically data protection The Irish people accept this doctrine as it seems.

On Thursday, July 7th, the Data Protection Commission, the Irish equivalent of Cnil, made an unprecedented decision. Block any data transfer between Europe and the United States. However, it does not end there, as the Commission has sent the document in question to all neighboring countries, including France. Therefore, all European data protection authorities have one month to give their views on the matter. After this time, Facebook and Instagram will be banned from the region.

Will Europe ban Facebook and Instagram on its territory?

The controversy between Meta and European officials is not new. Already in 2020, Mark Zuckerberg’s group was threatening to withdraw their services from the continent after a similar decision from Ireland – we give you a thousand -. But this time there is a riskWith the participation of the rest of the countries of the European Union. However, when asked about the issue by our colleagues at Politico, the firm wants to be resolutely conciliatory:

“This interim decision, which should be subject to review by European data protection authorities, is linked to an pending conflict between European and American law”explains the latter. “We welcome the agreement between the US and the European Union that creates a new legal framework to allow data transfer across borders”.


In an other saying, negotiations continueBetween Meta and the European authorities, the company is clearly not ready to give up access to the data of its users living on the continent. While countering the seriousness of the European Commissions, it ensures that their services are essential to the proper functioning. For now, nothing says a deal will be found.

Meta will have to take on the challenge of convincing Europe

“We hope this legal framework will allow us to keep families, communities and economies connected.”, Meta says, does not explicitly exclude the possibility that no legal framework will emerge in the coming weeks. The task turned out to be difficult for the group.risky data use The proportion of users has been making more headlines for a few years now, especially after the big scandal Cambridge Analytics.

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As with recent medical data from hospital sites, this is the de facto use of the latter by the firm asking the question, when there is no misuse of personal information. Problem: Facebook employees themselves appear overwhelmed by the situationwithout knowing exactly what happened to the user data.

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