Meta agrees to pay $725 million to settle Cambridge Analytica lawsuit

The Cambridge Analytica case went far beyond the internet world when it went public in 2018. The British firm, which was accused of using the personal data of Facebook users to influence the 2016 US presidential election in favor of Donald Trump, quickly went bankrupt after the incident. discloses. Facebook has continued to scroll through various complaints against it since then.

If in 2019 the FTC fined the company that would later become Meta $5 billion, the latter has yet to end the legal setbacks surrounding this lawsuit. There are several complaints still pending and Meta has decided to settle one of them out of court. According to information from Bloomberg, the group has agreed to pay $725 million to collective plaintiffs to avoid a lawsuit.

Meta wants to avoid Cambridge Analytica lawsuits at all costs

According to the complainants, this “The largest ever recovery in a private data protection class action and the highest amount ever paid by Facebook to resolve a private class action lawsuit”. However, for this agreement to be valid, it still needs the approval of the federal judge responsible for the case.

If the bill looks like it’s high, it could have been a lot higher if Meta had taken it to court. “We have reached an agreement because it is in the interest of our community and our shareholders”The company was announced by Bloomberg. “Over the past three years, we have renewed our approach to privacy and implemented a comprehensive privacy program. With privacy first, we look forward to continuing to build services that people love and trust.”

Source : Bloomberg

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