Messenger: Now all your conversations are automatically end-to-end encrypted


Meta did not rush, but I promised, it was necessary to do everything right. In a recent blog post, the company finally announced that end-to-end encryption is now enabled by default in Messenger. The technology arrived in messaging in 2016. But all this time it was still necessary to activate it from the application settings.

Suffice it to say that many users do not know that it is possible to protect their conversations from all prying eyes. So much so that Meta sometimes had to remind people that it was necessary to activate the option to benefit from it. That time has now passed as all users now enjoy optimal privacy without having to go through their settings.

Messenger gets end-to-end encryption and other features by default

As a reminder, end-to-end encryption allows users to effectively camouflage their exchanges since not even Meta has access to them. It is this technology that has made WhatsApp so popular, especially since its inception. Earlier this year, Meta announced that this feature would soon be enabled by default. It’s now complete.

The company also took the opportunity to announce the arrival of new features. Users can now edit their messages up to 15 minutes after sending. Temporary messages will remain available for 24 hours and a notification will be sent when the recipient takes a screenshot. The images will be exhibited with a higher quality and a new gallery organization. Finally, it is now possible to imitate Instagram by disabling read receipts.

Source : Meta

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