Messenger Lite: say goodbye to the Android app, Facebook is forcing it to upgrade to the standard version

After seven years of good and faithful service, Messenger Lite will permanently close its doors on September 18, 2023. Launched by Facebook in 2016, the lite version of Messenger was designed for entry-level smartphones without much RAM and storage.

Consuming less energy than its older sister, Messenger Lite was designed especially for sending and receiving instant messages or photos. The application, which initially weighed only 10 MB, has now reached almost 58 MB after many updates. For comparison, the standard version of Messenger weighs 153 MB; There is about 100 MB difference between the two apps.

Among Messenger Lite’s other arguments was that you can basically save mobile data and use it anywhere, even in an area where the internet connection is slow or unstable.

Messenger Lite on Android

Disable Messenger Lite: Users are advised to download the standard (heavier) version of Messenger

Despite the success of Messenger Lite with its users, Facebook has therefore decided to close the application after mid-September 2023. This announcement comes at a time when Messenger is preparing to end support for SMS in a month and end-to-end encryption before conversations end. 2023.

Now Android users they will see the following message on their smartphone screen: ” Your chats are transferred to Messenger. Messenger app has more features you’ll love like GIFs and dark mode “. Tapping the notification (cannot be deleted) will redirect the notification to the Messenger Lite app and prompt users to download the standard version of Messenger.

With the abandonment of Messenger Lite, Meta will focus entirely on the standard version of Messenger. Therefore, this decision may disappoint many users who will probably uninstall the application in question or turn to Facebook Lite. So will Facebook’s lite app be the next victim of Mark Zuckerberg’s group?

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