Have you ever wanted to be the star of your own shopping channel? The good news: Instagram’s new Live Shopping feature is here to make you a shoppable star, baby!

live shopping Platforms like TaoBao have already had great success in China over the past few years – with a market size of $170 billion. Now Instagram has launched its own Live Shopping tool that gives Instagram users a chance to get a piece of this delicious e-commerce cake.

With Live Shopping on Instagram you can:

  • Educate your audience: Share recommendations and reviews, run product demos, and answer questions to help shoppers build confidence that this is the right product for them.
  • Showcase new products: It’s the perfect way to share the latest and greatest from your brand with live, real-time demand-boosting updates.
  • Collaborate with other creators: Work with other brands and creators for live streams that drive sales and showcase product collaborations.

Read on for your guide to getting started with Live Shopping on Instagram and tips for maximizing your broadcast’s success.

What is Instagram Live Shopping?

Instagram Live Shopping allows creators and brands to sell products during an Instagram Live stream.

Think of it as an update to the old-school TV shopping networks – just more authentic and interactive. With Instagram Live Shopping, you can showcase your products, interact with your fans, and collaborate with other brands and creators.

Instagram Live Shopping is available for all Instagram Business accounts with Checkout features. These users can tag an item from their Catalog to appear at the bottom of the screen for purchase during a Live stream.

Source: Instagram

Earlier this year, Instagram introduced Shops, which allows verified accounts to upload a product catalog and create a digital e-commerce storefront right in the app. The Live Shopping feature leverages the same catalog of products to put your best purchases front and center during a broadcast.

Who can use Instagram Live Shopping?

To publish an Instagram Live Shopping experience, you must be a US-based brand or creator with access to Instagram Checkout.

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With Shop An Instagram Live Shopping experience, you just need to be a US Instagram user in the mood to throw some coins.

If none of this describes you, hang tight: This feature is likely to be rolled out globally in the future. Follow the latest Instagram updates here so you don’t miss out when the news hits.

How to set up Instagram Live Shopping

Before you can start your Instagram Live Shopping feed, you must have your Instagram Store and product catalog set up. You cannot label products if you do not label them. have products after all. (We’re pretty sure this is the number one e-commerce rule.)

Need help creating your catalogue? Check out our step-by-step guide to setting up your Instagram Store here. Note that you can create collections of up to 30 items in your catalog for easy access to a selected product line.

Once your products are in the system, here’s how to start your Instagram Live Shopping experience:

  1. Tap the camera icon in the upper right corner
  2. At the bottom of the screen, Live
  3. Faucet Shopping
  4. Select the products or collection you want to feature
  5. Tap the broadcast button to go live!
  6. When you roll it, you can fix one product at a time to the screen.

While watching, fans can tap on featured products to view the product detail page or continue with their purchase. Let the shopping spree begin!

Tips for Live Shopping on Instagram

The raw, uncut nature of the live stream makes it a different buying or selling experience than sharing a product on your stream or via Instagram Story.

Take advantage of intimacy, interaction and authenticity to turn Live Shopping into something special.

Reveal a new product or collection

Making a big announcement is even more exciting when it’s live.

If you have a brand new product or collection that drops, make it an event by sharing all the details Live. When putting a product on sale for the first time, you’ll be able to answer questions from fans and give the launch a truly personal touch.

Instagram even has product launch reminders to help build anticipation and set alarms for people to watch.

Adidas Originals announces new product launch

Source: Instagram

Feature a product tutorial or how-to feature

Sharing images and videos of your product on Instagram feed and Stories is great, but making a live, interactive demo or tutorial is even better for engagement.

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Seeing how a product works in real time is a great opportunity for fans to understand what you’re selling or get inspired to buy.

And as a seller, this direct line to your audience is a unique opportunity to ask for feedback or answer questions while demonstrating what your product does best.

Feature interactive product demo

Source: Instagram

Embrace spontaneity

Creating a predictable schedule and planning events ahead is great, but there’s also something special about spontaneous Live sessions.

The best thing about Instagram Live is that it is very real and authentic. “Anything is possible!” Maximize your word. Feel the surprise of your followers with flash discounts and surprise demos.

These spontaneous releases are an opportunity to reward fans who take notice… and have some fun while you do it.

Team up with other creators

Live streaming is a great opportunity to cross-promote with other Instagram influencers, brands or creators.

You can have a special guest host a Live Shopping event featuring a collection of their favorite products, or offer a special VIP price to fans of another brand. There are many opportunities for cross pollination here.

Try Q&A

Having a Q&A section in your Live Shopping feed is a great way to help hesitant shoppers overcome all their worries.

Marketing a livestream specifically as an “Ask Me Anything” session will bring out curious people who may not have had a breakthrough yet. And because it’s such a friendly and relaxed environment, you’ll build trust with your viewers in a way that a more flamboyant broadcast post couldn’t.

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Instagram Live’s Shopping feature is definitely an exciting tool for brands – but don’t forget the other ways to use Live.

Constantly selling to your audience is a surefire way to burn them. Ideally, you’ll balance product-focused live streams with content-focused moments. Make these shopping moments special – an opportunity! — so that people remain in wonder and excitement.

For brands and creators with Checkout features, Live Shopping on Instagram is an extremely useful e-commerce tool in your toolkit. Stock up on your virtual shelves and then go live — your fans are waiting for you.

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