Instagram: your profile will soon be invaded by ads

If you’re already tired of seeing all the ads on Instagram, you’re not done. Indeed, rebounds that still survive the sharp turn Meta has taken in recent years, to say the least, are rare. Not to mention the publications of brands in the news feed, sponsored stories, influencers who do not deign to warn when promoting a product… You cannot find original content from ordinary users anymore.

And not ready to stop. Instagram has published a post on its advertisers site offering new advertising solutions that will soon integrate its app. Since there was not much space left where the latter did not settle, the social network decided to occupy them. Currently, the platform is testing adding ads to users’ profiles.

Instagram will soon show ads absolutely everywhere

“Profile feed ads give advertisers the opportunity to easily grow their audience by leveraging the strengths of the existing feed, while giving people the personalized advertising experience they enjoy in their main feed.” It says Instagram, which has no shortage of ideas, as profiles won’t be the only ones receiving ads soon. It will also arrive in the Explore tab, mixing with the search results.

These additions are not accidental. This summer, Meta’s social networks saw their turnover drop for the first time in their history. Faced with the ever-growing threat of TikTok, Mark Zuckerberg’s company is therefore trying to maximize its revenue while reassuring its investors. In other words, users are not at the end of their surprise.

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