Instagram: Your kids will no longer encounter intimate photos accidentally sent via text

instagram child protection

Meta takes proactive steps strengthening the safety of young people Instagram users face risks associated with: Inappropriate content. Parent company announces plans to test auto-blurring feature images containing nudity in messages. This innovation, based on artificial intelligence directly executed on device users, primary target Accounts under 18The option for this will be enabled by default.

The feature of this protection system is analyze images directly on user devices. Thus, it guarantees the functioning of the functionality. even in encrypted conversations from start to finish. Meta ensures that this approach respects the privacy of exchanges, with images only being accessible to the company if users report them. This approach is part of the company’s broader desire to address concerns about the impact of its platforms on young people’s mental health. The platform therefore decided to integrate enhanced security measures researching advanced technologies detecting risky behavior.

Meta develops tools to protect young people online

Alongside this blurring system, Meta is developing tools to identify accounts that are likely to interact sexual extortion attempts. The company is also testing warning messages It is aimed at users who interact with such accounts to strengthen their arsenal. preventive measures. These projects are accompanied by constant efforts to hide more sensitive content In response to criticism regarding the moderation of content linked to topics such as under-18s, suicide, self-harm and eating disorders.

Meta is therefore committed to creating a digital environment safer for young people in response to regulatory pressures and criticism. When the company is facing legal action and Surveys in Europe In the United States, these measures could be an important step in the industry’s response to issues surrounding the protection of young people online.

Source : Reuters

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