Instagram will soon verify your age using your smartphone’s camera

You have to be at least 13 years old to officially register on Instagram, but as everyone knows, some don’t follow this rule to the letter. The social network may also block your account if you do not provide your date of birth. To address the concerns of lawmakers and parents, Instagram is now Ask users trying to change their age from 18 to 18 or older to verify their age by uploading a photo ID or asking mutual friends to confirm their age.

Indeed, it is now possible for users who want to change their age on the social network. ask three adults to vouch for. They will then need to confirm to Instagram that the user is over 18 within three days of the request. But that’s not the only option Instagram is investigating to verify the age of its users.

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Instagram will use artificial intelligence to verify your age

In addition to the ID photo and even the guarantors, Instagram will also allow users to take a selfie video. When posted to Instagram, the social network will share it with Yoti, a British company specializing in age, identity and biometric verification. Yoti’s artificial intelligence will estimate your age based on your facial features in about 20 minutes.then the video will be deleted.

These new measures are particularlyprevent young people from viewing appropriate content on the platform by changing their age. “ When we find out if someone is a teenager (13-17), we offer them age-appropriate experiences, such as by defaulting to private accounts, preventing unwanted communications with adults they don’t know, and limiting the options advertisers have for reaching them with ads. Erica Finkle, director of data governance at Meta, said in a blog post.

Currently, these age verification features are only rolling out only for a restricted user group in the United Statesbut we imagine it could be deployed in other countries in the coming years.

Source : Facebook

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