Instagram will implement this feature that users demand for their age

Instagram will finally implement a feature that social network users have long wanted: posting GIFs in comments. While a few lucky people have seen a button to release this type of animation since February, Meta has not made an official announcement regarding distribution to the general public. The CEO of Instagram is tasked with announcing the good news. To Mark Zuckerberg, the big boss of Meta.

If it’s been possible to reply with GIFs on Instagram Stories for a while, this feature was strangely inaccessible in comments. The procedure for commenting on a post with a GIF will not confuse regular users of the social network, since the procedure is quite similar. In addition to text comments and other emojis, community members can now choose from the many files offered by the famous GIF library Giphy.

GIFs are finally coming to Instagram comments

In addition to this predictable announcement, Me Mosseri announced that Reels is a New feature called Lyrics. While it is already possible to view the lyrics of a song in Reel, the procedure to do so can be long and tedious, and not all songs in the catalog offer this tool. Instagram’s interface will display a timeline this will make it possible to synchronize the lyrics of a song with the video much more precisely.

leadersInstagram is full of attempts to monetize the service and offers special services to users. The Meta-owned app has not only started testing new ad placements to give businesses greater discoverability, but also plans to launch a paid verification program much like Twitter. Also, the company will emphasize privacy by letting you choose who can see your photos and videos.

Source : Gizmo China

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