Instagram may soon let you choose who can see your photos and videos

If Instagram has clearly lost its shine in recent years due to, among other things, the TikTok tidal wave of the early 2020s, the social network continues to innovate to attract new users and retain those who are still there. Reverse engineers are therefore constantly on the lookout for the latest features in the application. However, one of them may have just uncovered one.

This is sharing his discovery in the form of a screenshot on Twitter where we can see a new section. Hearing in the photo or video post window. By clicking on it, Instagram also offers to configure this audience for itself. Close friends. Social networking experts will recognize functionality similar to the one that has already existed for Stories for a while out there.

Close Friends feature comes to Instagram for photos and videos

This makes it possible to select a group of users who will have access to “hidden” content, that is, content that is hidden to all other followers. Therefore, it is not surprising that Instagram has finally decided to offer it for posting photos and videos. We imagine it would most likely work the same way.

But that’s not all. As BGR points out, it could be a new way for creators to monetize their content by encouraging their community to pay a subscription to gain access to this exclusive content, similar to Twitter. For the application, there will also be a new income after the application of the paid certificate.

As of now, Instagram has not yet officially communicated about the feature. We don’t know if it will be publicly available.

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