Instagram makes it much easier to recover hacked accounts

Instagram, one of the most popular social networks today, is regularly the target of cyber attacks. Stealing an Instagram account could allow hackers to mass-distribute their scam or gain access to sensitive personal data. Also, the platform has always tried to limit the damage with new security features.

But for those who fail to avoid the worst, the priority is to recover their account as soon as possible. Aware of this problem, Instagram has recently launched new features aimed at making life easier for users who are victims of hacking. We’re starting with a new platform dedicated to this use that you can go to:

Instagram will come to the aid of users whose accounts have been stolen

When your account is hacked, you can go to this new hub. According to Instagram, all you have to do is follow the onscreen instructions to regain access. Better still, the company claims this method will work for users with multiple accounts. But that platform isn’t the only solution that Instagram offers, which has added a new leverage to redeem its account: its friends.

Indeed, this option will allow us to call a friend to confirm our identity when suspicious activity is detected. Secondly, if your taste buds take too long to confirm something, Instagram will leave the possibility of contacting another relative. Finally, the social network said it has strengthened its control of malicious accounts, particularly those who have come into direct contact with their victims, particularly those who resort to identity theft.

Source : instagram

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