Instagram: Latest update forces users to leave the app permanently

It has become a habit now, every new app design is always accompanied by many complaints from users. This time, however, Instagram did a great job. Since the beginning of the week, a new interface is coming to smartphones around the world. At the very least, we can say that the change is significant.

Instagram was once again inspired by its rival, TikTok. After the emergence of Reels, which is largely unpopular even today, the entire design of the news feed is now copied on the Chinese social network. Now every photo and video is displayed in full screen. At first glance, if we gain visibility in theory, this new interface greatly slows down navigation.

Users hate Instagram’s new interface

As a matter of fact, just like TikTok, you need to make a slight swipe to move on to the next post. Problem: This forces the user to stay on the displayed post even if it is an ad. It’s more of a confusing process, according to the many desperate messages posted on Twitter. “If I stop liking your Instagram photos, don’t take it personally. I just don’t know how this new Instagram interface works”exclaims a user.

In addition to this size error, this new design may also degrade the quality of photos. If these are broadcast in a 16:9 aspect ratio, large bands of color fill the void on the screen, resulting in a rather unpleasant result. The new Instagram interface is great because it’s harder to navigate but also looks crappy”comments another user.

For some, it is straw that breaks the camel’s back. Today, many declare that they no longer want to return to the application, or even want to delete their account. I think the new Instagram update has cured my obsession with looking at things on Instagram for hours”testifies to Jessifer on Twitter. A claim that is far from isolated.

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