Instagram is working on a news feed dedicated to users who pay for certification

When many people get fed up with every new feature of X (Twitter), Instagram takes note. The social network was quick to offer paid certificates shortly after Elon Musk arrived on its platform and the backlash the measure generated on the platform. Today, this is another feature of X that Instagram is preparing to emulate.

The boss of the social network, Adam Mosseri, announced in his personal chat channel that a new news feed has been developed in the company’s offices. This will allow users to only see posts posted by certified accounts. “We are exploring this as a new tool for people, a way for businesses and creators to be discovered.” explains Adam Mosseri.

Instagram continues to review X’s (Twitter) copy

Just like with X, the idea behind this functionality is to gain visibility first and foremost. Elon Musk’s platform has seen a sharp increase in participation in broadcasts by certified accounts, to the detriment of the health of free accounts and exchanges. Of course, the goal for Instagram is, first of all, to encourage users to subscribe to a paid subscription, hoping to gain recognition faster.

This new news feed will appear alongside the already available options: For you, Following and FavoritesIt can be found in the upper left part of the interface. For now, we don’t yet know who will have access to the tests first, but as with paid certification, American influencers are likely to lead the way. France needs to follow suit within a few months.

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