Instagram is finally ‘hardening’ its policy against penis pictures

Meta and Instagram since the beginning of 2023, increase user security on their own platforms. In February 2023, Mark Zuckerberg’s company launched a new tool called Take It Out. Meta wants to end the sharing of child pornography content on both its own social networks and competing services through this database.

And on June 27, 2023, the Menlo Park firm announced unprecedented measures. Block the sharing of dick pictures and nude photos on Instagram. Today, users can send an unlimited number of DM requests, whether text or images. It’s an open door to many exploits, many of which are aimed at users taking photos of unwanted “male features”.

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instagram filter dick pic

Invitation first, messages later

To put an end to these abusive practices, Instagram has decided to implement a simple but effective barrier. Now, before talking to someone who doesn’t follow them, users will now need to send an invitation for connection permission. People can send one invitation at a time and you can no longer send it until the recipient accepts it.

But that’s not all, as Instagram will integrate an additional filter. In the effect, these invitations will be text only. In other words, web hogs will not be able to send photos, videos, voice messages or make calls until the recipient accepts the exchange invitation. No unpleasant surprises in the invitations, except for potentially offensive or derogatory text. Still better than a nasty penis picture.

As Instagram points out, These new tools are currently in the testing phase. We do not yet know when the stable version of the application will be released. In a completely different field, The social network also wants to help young people manage their time. “We’re also investigating a solution on Instagram that recommends teens turn off the app if they’re browsing Reels at night.” He writes the meta on his blog.

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