Instagram is also working on its own AI-powered chatbot

According to images leaked on Twitter by Alessandro Paluzzi, a researcher who specializes in new social media features, Instagram is expected to use an artificial intelligence-based chatbot in its app.

According to leaks that reflect ongoing app development, whether deployed or not, this special agent will be responsible for answering questions or providing advice. Users can choose from 30 different personalitiesthis can help them write messages.

Instagram wants to equip its app with an AI

By launching such a chatbot, Instagram would draw direct inspiration from Snapchat, which had already launched the ChatGPT-based “Artificial Intelligence” chatbot a few months ago. However, it was not well received, for example, due to inappropriate comments promoting pedophile relationships.

Therefore, it is not yet clear whether Instagram’s artificial intelligence will be more advanced. But with 30 different personalities, Meta’s job will be perfect for him. to ensure that each of them meets user expectations.

Instagram’s artificial intelligence is not yet available in the app because It seems to be in the project phase for now. That’s why Meta may very well choose to nip it in the bud before it’s available to everyone. However, given the explosion in artificial intelligence that has caused NVIDIA to soar in the stock market, we suspect Instagram will also want to jump on the AI ​​mothership.

Meta previously announced plans to experiment with AI in Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. In February, Mark Zuckerberg stated that the company’s long-term goal is ” AI-based characters that can help people in various ways He said on Instagram that the company is working on artificial intelligence to optimize filters and ads, but has yet to mention plans for a chatbot with various personalities. Now, it remains to be seen when and how Instagram will implement such a feature in its implementation.

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