Instagram has a new idea to overwhelm you with ads

If you think Instagram has already shown you enough ads, the company disagrees. The Meta-owned app has started testing several new ad placements targeting: It gives businesses more ways to be discovered.

After this, you will find ads in search resultsThis was not the case until now. When you search for a specific term like “smartphones” in the app, tech-related posts marked as “sponsored” will now appear in the feed you can navigate when you tap one of the results.

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Instagram has found another place to stall ads

In addition to ads in search results, Instagram also offers so-called “reminder ads.” These appear as a push notification that reminds you of an upcoming event or important date.

The good news is that unlike ads in search results, reminder ads are optional. You’ll only get them if you agree to receive a reminder for an event that usually arrives on your smartphone exactly 15 minutes before or just in time.

Instagram says the change is just a test for now, but the company plans to launch the new placement globally “in the coming months” if successful. This launch will likely be an undesirable addition to the app from a consumer perspective., because it offers more ads than before. This isn’t the first time the social network has tried to add new ads to its app, it’s your profile that has seen advertisers come in since last year.

However, this addition seems necessary for the company, as Meta has seen a drop in ad sales lately. As part of its results for the fourth quarter of 2022, Meta announced that its ad revenue fell to $31.2 billioncompared to $32.6 billion in the same quarter of the previous year.

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