Instagram: 6 French influencers have publicly admitted that they were secretly advertising

The noose narrows around the influencers. Last month, the DGCCRF (Directorate General for Consumer Competition and Fraud Prevention) announced that it was investigating nearly fifty French influencers and came out with a very good digging. Indeed, among the latter, 30 were found guilty of breaking the online advertising law.

The organization later announced that the names of the accused would be released soon. It is done now and in the most efficient way possible. The revelation took place directly on their respective Instagram accounts via a message on a black background written by DGCCRF. For now, 6 influencers have been publicly pinned: Illan Castronovo, Simon Castaldi, Gaëtan Debled, Capucine Anav, Anthony Matéo and Léa Montchicourt.

DGCCRF forces 6 influencers to admit their wrongs on Instagram

That’s why they’re all broadcasting the famous message summarizing the facts they’ve been accused of since yesterday. First, they were all found to be classified ads promoting products or services without notifying their subscribers. Others, like Capucine Anav, have promoted health products by lying about their true benefits. Anthony Matéo encouraged his subscribers to inject hyaluronic acid through a beautician, which is prohibited by law.

This post must be kept on Illan Castronovo and Simon Castaldi’s Instagram account for 30 days, while Capacine Anav can remove it after 15 days but has to repost it in a story every 24 hours. A phrase that seems to have no real effect at the moment. In the comments, the majority of subscribers show their support for the influencer, sometimes even welcoming the maturity of his reaction to the injunction. However, keep in mind that Anthony Mateo’s Instagram account is now private.

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