Instagram forced by justice to release personal data of users posting pirated content

Like all social networks, Instagram is a real scam. But these are not the only drifts that can be found on the platform. Indeed, some accounts are not shy about posting excerpts from pirated movies for which they, by definition, do not own the rights. In most cases, rightsholders therefore simply report the infringement to Meta, which is interested in deleting the post and sanctioning its author.

But sometimes hostilities escalate. Such was the case in India recently, after several accounts posted clips from the Scam 1992 series, which was hugely successful in the country. Therefore, Applause Entertainment, the company that owns the rights to the series, started by taking the usual route of reporting content to Instagram. However, the social network refused to delete the posts.

Personal data of hackers on Instagram will be handed over to the authorities

Indeed, Meta’s subsidiary disputed the fact that Applause Entertainment was the true beneficiary of Scam 1992, even though the company sent them several documents to prove it. The latter then decided to take the case to Mumbai court. The company won the case: justice is now forcing Instagram to delete the 33 accounts targeted by the complaint.

But the matter does not end here. Indeed, the platform was also ordered to clean up the URLs that lead to these accounts, like a pirate site. Finally, it must provide the authorities with a certain amount of personal data about the users concerned, in particular. “contact information, phone numbers, email addresses, IP addresses and physical addresses” these.

Source : Torrent Freak

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