Instagram copies Twitter with new ‘Notes’ feature

This is a new feature that is likely to make noise, just announced. instagram. The social network may be the number one photo and video sharing app on the planet, but you have to believe that the latter definitely wants much more. Instagram is currently testing a new feature. And this is quite surprising for the social network at first glance.

Like Twitter, the famous social network was thus created. a new feature that will allow you to post small texts on your profile. Titled “Notes,” this feature has pretty much everything currently available on Twitter. The only difference is that Instagram will allow texts of up to 60 characters to be published when Twitter offers a maximum of 280 characters.

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You can now post short sentences to your Instagram feed

Concretely, Instagram allows its users to “quickly share your thoughts with your loved ones“. The new feature then happens directly in Instagram’s direct messaging. At the top we actually see the “Notes” function, showing short-lived messages from people or accounts you follow or follow you. Thus, Instagram offers the application users the opportunity to write the thought of the day or any message with a maximum of 60 characters. On Twitter, some users showed how the new feature looks.

By posting the note, the user can choose whether it will appear to all “friends” or only “close friends”. Every published note is also published 24 hours a day. It is at the top of the message and cannot be edited after it has been sent. It is also possible to react with emojis or reply to notes you will see in the news feed. Instagram announced that it is testing this feature with a handful of users before rolling it out to all users of the app.

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