How to Write a Great First Message on Bumble

Today we’re going to cover how to write a great first message on Bumble. No matter how confident you are in real life, there is always some anxiety when reaching out to someone new. Unless you’re a natural communicator, you should think carefully about how to write this opening sentence. TechJunkie is here to help with that.

How many times have you received a message on a dating app that says nothing but ‘Hello’ or ‘Hey, how are you’? So what is going to happen? You will probably sigh in frustration and swipe them away to never be seen again. If you’re ready to take the first step, you need to make the right move to stand out from the millions of other people who use dating apps.

Girls make the first move on Bumble. It clearly resonates in this day and age as it is one of the most popular dating apps in the world and is growing rapidly.

opening line

So you were scrolling and you saw a cute guy who looked like he might be interesting. Bumble can’t contact you because that’s not what it’s about. Alright what now? Here are some approaches to opening the door to potential romance that can help you write a great first message on Bumble.

Say more than ‘Hey’

Don’t be one of them. You know what happens when you get opening lines like this one on other dating apps. Rolling eyes, ‘oh please’ and a farewell gesture. Do not fall into this trap yourself. If you need to take a minute to create yourself and your opener, take that minute.

ask a question

Asking a humorous or genuinely relevant question is a reasonable and often appropriate opening sentence for dating. Make a good one though. The questions show that you pay attention to the profile and are interested in something. It then provides an opportunity for the other person to respond as they see fit. You can then judge whether they are interested and go from there.

Online dating apps are tools for meeting new people and provide tools to find common ground. There is no better way to do this than with a question.

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trigger a reaction

It’s not easy to trigger a reaction, but if you do it right, you’ll be instantly memorable for a while. It could be a laugh, a chuckle, an exclamation about how cool your comment was, or something completely different. Take a second to look at his profile to see what kind of reaction he’ll likely have and go from there.

A fun GIF could be a lemon emoji with the lines ‘Sorry I couldn’t find the opening lemon’ (I saw this once and loved it), an obvious lame dad joke, or something completely different.

be witty

Humor always wins, and if you’re naturally funny, you’ll have a great time on Bumble. If you can look through a profile and find something to be witty in there, you don’t need this article. If the humor feels a little more reluctant, telling a joke, commenting, or making another joke always works. Men are just as humorous as women, so use this to your advantage.

‘Why couldn’t the bike stand up on its own?’ It could be a bad joke. The two were tired.’ A lemon and lemon joke from above, or a humorous comment about his dog or friends in one of his photos.

be an observer

Observations are a great first post on Bumble. It just shows that she takes the time to read her profile instead of her pictures. It shows that you are more interested in him than at the grassroots level and that you can have some common ground. It’s a hard thing to pull off sometimes as not every profile has something you can use, but if it does, it’s a good opener.

It could be a comment on how good the powder looks in a ski shoot and asking whether it’s in Colorado or further afield. You can ask what breed his dog is and whether he plays well with newcomers. Get this job.

be left field

Looking at something from a different angle may not suit everyone, but if it suits you, use it to your advantage. It can include all these old ideas, from asking interesting questions to making a unique observation. Make sure someone whose brain isn’t the same as yours understands what you’re saying before hitting Submit.

You might ask how someone’s Millennium is, or what their favorite 1980s hairstyle is, or who their favorite Muppet is. Better yet, take something from a photo or their profile and go from there. Making someone think with a first message can be a pretty good indicator of how a first date will go, so don’t be shy, be yourself!

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Writing a great first message on Bumble takes time and practice. Like everything in life, the more effort you put in, the better results you will get. Good luck with it!