How to Use Your Avatar in Instagram or Messenger Video Calls

Are you excited to create avatars on Instagram and Messenger? Do you want to use them during video calls? Maybe your hair is too messy or you don’t want to show your face in front of the camera in the early morning. And Meta understands this. Let’s learn how to create avatars and use them for video calls on Instagram and Messenger.

Follow this guide to learn how to use your avatar for video calls on Instagram or Messenger.

How to Create Your Instagram Avatar

You may already know how to create an avatar on Instagram. However, not everyone knows how to use it for video calls. What makes using your avatar in video calls special is that these aren’t just still images; They mimic your facial expression.

Creating your Instagram avatar is easy. It’s a fun process and can be done in minutes.

  1. Open Instagram. tap on Profile picture.
  2. Then tap on Edit Profile.
    Edit Instagram Profile
  3. Faucet Edit picture or avatar followed by Create avatar.
    Create Avatar on Instagram
  4. Choose and customize your avatar’s skin tone.
    Customize Instagram Avatar
  5. choose Next and apply the customizations you like.
  6. When you’re done, tap on Save Changes to create the avatar.
    Sync Instagram Avatar
  7. If your Instagram and Facebook accounts are linked, the avatar will sync with your Facebook account.

How to Create a Facebook Messenger Avatar

Like Instagram, Messenger offers the same interface for creating avatars in Messenger. You can change your skin tone, facial line, hairstyle, color, etc. you can choose. You can have your Instagram avatar synchronized with Messenger. Or have a separate avatar for Messenger.

  1. Open Messenger on your phone. Tap three horizontal lines in the upper left corner.
    Tap Horizontal Menu Facebook Messenger
  2. Tap Settings icon from the sidebar menu.
  3. select avatar option from the menu below.
    Create Facebook Messenger Avatar
  4. You can change your avatar’s skin tone, hairstyle, accessories, etc. choose and customize.
  5. Tap on save to create the avatar.
    Save Facebook Messenger Avatar

While in Messenger settings on Android, tap your profile picture to open the menu. Next, use avatar Go to the menu and customize it further similar to the steps above.

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Use Avatar Menu Facebook Messenger

How to Use Your Avatar in Instagram Video Calls

Avatar is a nice way to express yourself during video calls when you are uncomfortable in front of the camera. For Instagram or Messenger avatars to work properly, they must be able to detect your face correctly. So make sure you have good lighting when using your avatar for video calls. Yet there is a problem here. You must join an Instagram video call before using your avatar.

  1. Start a video call.
  2. Tap avatar Press during a video call. It will appear at the bottom left of the screen.
    Instagram Video Call Using Avatar
  3. Wait a few seconds and the avatar will replace the live video.
    Instagram Avatar Video Call

You can also change the theme of Instagram direct messages for further customization.

How to Use Your Avatar in Messenger Video Calls

If you want to use your avatar in Messenger video calls, the process is similar to Instagram. You need to create your avatar before you can use it in a video call. And just like Instagram, you can use the avatar only after you join the video call.

  1. Open the Messenger app on your phone.
  2. Tap Video call Button in the upper right corner to start a video call.
  3. Tap Face icon on the video call screen. Below that is a small list of icons.
    Find Avatar Menu in Messenger
  4. From this list, Avatars button. Wait for a while; You will see your avatar in the video call.
    Using Avatar in Facebook Messenger

Avatar Call

Using avatars on Instagram or Messenger video calls will make them much more fun and entertaining. Be sure to create and customize your avatar before jumping into a video call. Now that you’ve learned how to use the avatar for video calls, you can check out our guide on how to use Facebook without Messenger.


Q. How do you use avatar stickers in Instagram chat?

a. To use avatar stickers in Instagram chat, go to the chat where you want to send the avatar sticker. Please tap the plus icon, select Stickers, tap the sticker and share it. You can also search for emoticons to filter from available stickers.

Q. How to Use Facebook Avatar on WhatsApp?

a. Go to your Facebook Profile and then Settings. Tap and edit the avatar. Next, tap the Stickers icon and then select a sticker. The drop-down menu allows you to share the sticker anywhere, including WhatsApp. Tap on WhatsApp, select the contact and then send.

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