How to Use Telegram Without Phone Number

While the app is generally known for its privacy features, Telegram has one pretty glaring vulnerability – when you sign up for an account on the service, you need to provide your phone number to verify your account. You cannot provide a fake number either, as you must receive a message to that number to verify your account and start using the service.

It is true that Telegram does not use this number after signing up, but for privacy-conscious users who want to protect their privacy, having to provide a phone number is a bad start.

Fortunately, this requirement is easy to bypass. In this article, we will walk you through the process of getting a Telegram account without having to give the service your real phone number.

Can You Use Telegram Without a Phone Number?

Unfortunately, you cannot create a Telegram account without providing a phone number. This requirement is designed to prevent bots and automatic account creation.

After you provide your phone number to the app, you will receive a voice call or SMS text message with the verification code that you will use to verify your Telegram account.

However, once this call or text is received, you do not need to access the number you provided any further. So when you need a you don’t need a phone number yours Phone number to use Telegram.

Fortunately, there are many ways to get a phone number for a minute or two or longer. Here are a few options for getting a temporary number quickly and for free.

google voice

Google Voice is a web-based phone service from Google that provides users with a new phone number that can be used for voice calls and messaging.

The only downside to using a Google Voice number is that it’s associated with your Google account. If your main concern is just to prevent Telegram from knowing your phone number, that’s fine, but if you’re after ultimate privacy, this might not be an option for you.

Assuming Google Voice works for your security needs, here’s how to use Google Voice to create a Telegram account.

  1. Go to Google and create a new account if necessary.
  2. Go to Google Voice and save or select a phone number.
  3. Register this number in Telegram and wait for the confirmation code to be delivered.
  4. Get the code from your Google Voice window and type it into Telegram.
  5. Confirm your account and start using it.
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You can also create a Google Account without a phone number. Although the email service requests it, there are some workarounds and here is our article on how to do it.


TextNow is another messaging service we like, where you can use a temporary email address to sign up for the service and as long as you continue to use the phone number provided to you; You can store the number and then get the authentication codes.

Download the app on your smartphone and allow all permissions first. Sign up for Telegram using the phone number TextNow provided you. If you do not receive the code via text first, wait for the time to expire and select the option to receive the code via phone call. You’ll only have a few moments to receive the phone call, and it can go to TextNow’s voicemail system. Enter the code and proceed by setting up your Telegram account.


Burner is a very useful call forwarding application. You rent a temporary phone number and give it to whomever you want. The call is received by the Burner server and forwarded from them to your real number. The caller has no idea about your real number and Burner does not share it with anyone.

There are two types of accounts: a short-term burner number, ideal for listing items on Craigslist or verifying Telegram, and a long-term subscription number, which you keep for as long as you want. Short-term issues are free, while long-term issues have a reasonable cost. Burner is a great option for users who want to make sure their identities are not linked to their Telegram account. is a completely free platform that offers burner phone numbers. The service offers a very temporary number for verification or any other purpose.

I used this service to verify membership to a website and it works. Some of the tricks provided will fail, but if you persevere and keep trying, one should work.

receive SMS

Receive SMS is another free service I use to verify membership without providing my own number. It may work with Telegram, but it has the same problem that has, because not all numbers work all the time.

Finding one that works may take some trial and error. Then this is to monitor incoming messages for verification code and add it to your Telegram account on your phone.

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More Privacy Tips

The truth is, your phone number isn’t the only thing connecting you to your Telegram account.

Another potential weakness in your anonymity is that your device’s unique MAC address is stored in at least a few places along the network backbone. In theory, a sufficiently motivated government or law enforcement agency would have the resources to defeat your ultimate attempt at anonymity. As it happens, there are always popular VNC offers as well as programs to change your MAC address.

Two-Factor Authentication

Finally, after creating your account with a printer number, you should make sure that you have enabled two-factor authentication in your Telegram account.

Without this extra security measure, someone could log into your Telegram account with a fake number and gain access to your conversations or even delete your account. Of course, that means you’ll probably need to keep this number active to sign in to your account.

Make Sure You Delete Your Account

As one of our reviewers pointed out, if you use a burner phone number, it will eventually be recycled into a pool of available numbers that another person can use. Assuming they also use Telegram, they can access your messages and your account long after you move on.

If you decide that you no longer want to use the Telegram account in question, be sure to delete the account completely. That way, the next person with that number can just start their own Telegram account and never have access to yours.


Can I use someone else’s phone number?

You definitely can. Note that they cannot create a Telegram account and it can be difficult to log in with 2FA turned on.

Can I use a landline phone?

Telegram requires users to authenticate via text. This will work if you have the phone call verification option, but if not, you need a cell phone.

Can I use Telegram for International calling?

If you use Telegram to call other people overseas, you can use Telegram as an internet program without any international charges from your mobile operator. If you are traveling internationally, you can only use this feature on wifi to avoid charges. However, if you use mobile data, you will incur charges, so be careful.

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