How to Send Message in Telegram

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging application that provides great convenience to your communication. The platform allows you to transfer conversations between computers, smartphones and tablets. It also provides great security thanks to its secret chat feature. But how exactly do you send a message in Telegram?

In this introduction, we will go through all the intricacies of Telegram messaging.

How to Send a Message in Telegram

Sending messages in Telegram is as easy as in other similar apps:

  1. Download and install the app from Google Play or App Store.
  2. Type your phone number and enter the verification code Telegram sent you.
  3. Add a picture and your name.
  4. Allow Telegram to access your contact list.
  5. Press “Contacts” at the bottom of your screen and you will see a list of friends using the app.
  6. Select a friend and use the text field to write and send your message.


How Do I Message Myself on Telegram?

With the “Saved Messages” function you can send messages to yourself:

  1. Open the app and go to the menu in the upper left corner.
  2. Press “Saved Messages”.
  3. Write your message here and you’re done.

How to Message a Bot in Telegram

Once Telegram bots are set up, users can interact with them by sending commands, messages or requests. The process works like this:

  1. Launch Telegram and enter your login information.
  2. Type “@Botfather” in your search bar and select the bot that appears in the search results.
  3. Press the “Start” button to activate the bot.
  4. Enter “/newbot” and send the command.
  5. Choose a name and username for the bot. Users can find their bot by searching for the username, but it should not conflict with the usernames of other bots.
  6. After choosing a suitable name for the bot, it will be created. You will then get a link to the bot, suggestions for setting the profile picture, commands to manage the bot, and some other details.
  7. Follow your link and you will be able to send a message to your bot just like you would with your friends.

How to Send Voice Message in Telegram

If you’re too busy to type, sending a voicemail to your friend will save you some time:

  1. Open Telegram and go to your chat windows.
  2. Select a chat and tap the microphone symbol in the lower right corner.
  3. Hold the symbol and start talking.
  4. When you’re done, drop the symbol and a voicemail will be sent.
Telegram Send Message

How to Send a Direct Message in Telegram

Direct messages are also called private messages in Telegram. Submitting them is relatively simple:

  1. Start Telegram.
  2. Press “New message”.
  3. Select the recipient of the message.
  4. Press the person’s username to open your chat with them.
  5. Write your message.
  6. Hit the “Submit” button and you’re ready.

How to Send Video Message in Telegram

Telegram does not lag behind other platforms in terms of media you can send through the app. One of your options is a video message:

  1. Launch the app and open a chat.
  2. Press the microphone symbol to start camera mode.
  3. Hold the camera icon and record your message.
  4. Release your register button and the message will be sent.

How to Send Message in Telegram with API

Using an API to send your Telegram message is a bit more complicated. You will need the services of a bot:

  1. Find the Botfather bot by searching in your search box.
  2. After installing your bot, type “/newbot” in the chat box. You will then be asked to give your bot a name and give it a username. You will then receive a link to the bot and your API token.
  3. Click on the link to reach the box where you will receive your messages. Since bots are designed not to spam, they cannot initiate a chat, meaning you must first send a message to allow the bot to send you a text message.
  4. Now you need to call Telegram’s API to get your chat_id. You have two methods here.
  5. The first comes down to reading the text you sent using curl and its getUpdates approach: curl
  6. Alternatively you can use Python 3:
    • >>> import requests
    • >>> token = {YOUR_API_KEY_HERE}
    • >>> url = f'{token}/getUpdates'
    • >>>
  7. You should then get your JSON payload: {"ok":true,"result":[{"update_id":12671344, "message":{"message_id":30,"from":{"id":{YOUR_ID},"is_bot":false,"first_name": "{YOUR_NAME}" ,"username":"{YOUR_USERNAME}","language_code":"en"},"chat":{"id":{YOUR_CHAT_ID},"first_name":"{YOUR_FIRST_NAME}","username":"{YOUR_USERNAME}","type":"private"},"date":1560719493,"text":"{YOUR_SENT_MESSAGE}"}}]}
  8. Use your {YOUR_CHAT_ID}, which is about nine numbers.
  9. You will now be able to send a message with the sendMessage function: curl -d chat_id={YOUR_CHAT_ID} -d text="test msg from curl"{YOUR_API_KEY_HERE}/sendMessage
  10. Another option is Python 3:
    • >>> import requests
    • >>> token = {YOUR_API_KEY_HERE}
    • >>> url = f'{token}/sendMessage'
    • >>> data = {'chat_id': {YOUR_CHAT_ID}, 'text': 'python msg'}
    • >>>, data).json()
  11. You have now successfully sent a message using Telegram’s API.

What To Do If Telegram Cannot Send Messages?

If your Telegram is not sending messages for some reason, two simple solutions may work:

  1. Return to the front page of Telegram and return to your message.
  2. Alternatively, restart the app, return to the message and try sending again.

What To Do If Telegram Cannot Send Messages?

If you are unable to send your message and the problem persists, your best bet is to contact Telegram’s customer support. You can describe your problem here, enter your phone number and leave your email address. Hopefully, their team will provide you with a workable solution.

Additional FAQ

How Can I Send Message to Telegram API?

Sending messages to Telegram’s API requires you to set up a bot. Next, you will need to use curl or Python 3 to generate your chat_id and send your message using the sendMessage command.

Can Telegram Send SMS?

Unfortunately, you cannot send SMS using Telegram. The app still doesn’t support this feature.

Speed ​​Up Your Chat Game

If you thought you wouldn’t join Telegram because of its useful messaging features, now all your worries are gone. The app is easy to use and once you activate it, messaging is just as easy as on any other platform. Best of all, you can send videos, voice messages and even set up bots and issue various commands. The options are almost endless.

Have you set up your Telegram profile? Do you find the interface user-friendly? Are all features easily accessible? Let us know in the comments section below.

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