How to Send DM on Instagram?

How To DM Someone On Instagram!

But to break the limits faced by every trending social media app, Instagram had to activate the chat feature. Instagram users have been using in-app instant messaging for years instead of copying a link to a photo to send it to someone. Here’s more.

Why Should You Use the Direct Messaging Option on Instagram?

Isn’t Instagram an image-based social media app? Its main things are photos and visual content in general, so why the seemingly overloaded chat option? The answer is pretty simple – you want to send a specific picture to one of your friends, right? With Instagram’s direct messaging feature, this is not only possible, but made really, really, easy and straightforward.

While the instant messaging feature on Instagram was initially met with shaking heads and general skepticism, it actually became a huge success. Instagram has proven time and time again to the online community that they know what they are doing, and this example is no exception.


Essential Message

The Instagram instant messaging feature looks and works just like any other instant messaging platform. You enter the property, select the recipient and communicate with them. To do this, open the Instagram app, go to the Airplane icon in the top right corner, tap it and you will access the chat feature. You will see a list of previous messages and your general communication history. Just tap on one of the chat samples and you can start chatting.

Your recipient will receive a notification about a message and the message itself can be used as any other chat application. Yes, you can send pictures from your phone and links, but you cannot send other files through the app. To send a picture from your phone’s memory, tap the Picture icon in the lower right corner of the screen, select a picture and To send.

Tap the Camera icon in the lower left corner of the screen to take a picture and send it to your recipient, take a picture and you’ll be able to choose how long it will appear. There is SEE ONCE, ALLOW PLAYING AGAINand KEEP IN CHAT Options. The first will only let your recipient see it once before it gets deleted, the second will allow it to replay once, while the third option will leave it in the official chat just like any other chat app.

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Post/Story Message

That’s right, Instagram posts and stories are pretty much either images or videos. However, they work differently than photos you send directly in chat with someone. when you send Message or a Storynot just the content they represent.

To do this, go to the post or story you want to post. If it’s a post, you’ll see the Airplane icon (like in the upper-right corner of the screen). Tap it and select the person(s) you want to send the post to. If you want to post a story, you will see the same Airplane icon in the bottom right corner of the story screen. Tap it and select the contact(s) you want to send it to.

send message on instagram

Note that if the account where you found that post/story is private, your recipient will need to be confirmed as a follower by that account. Instagram will automatically notify you when selecting your recipients.

Answering a Story

While scrolling through the stories Message [account name] Slide the button towards the bottom of the screen. Tap here, choose one of the quick responses offered or write a message and To send If you want to reply to their stories. The person will be notified about this and your reply will remain visible even if the story is automatically deleted after 24 hours.

From Account Page

If you come across an interesting post in your feed and follow the account link to see what it offers in terms of content, you can message them from the account screen. Whatever the reason you’re hooked on someone’s profile, you can easily go there. Message button in the middle right of the screen and a chat window with the account in question will automatically open.

This may not be the simplest and easiest way to contact someone, but Instagram has made it easy in case you want to send a direct message to someone’s profile after viewing their content. It may not look like you’re going to use this function, but it’s more convenient than you think.