How to ‘Save’ an Instagram Photo

Instagram is gradually expanding functionality with a series of updates that introduce exciting new features like Stories and Collections. However, one of the simplest and most anticipated new features is the ability to save or bookmark photos in feeds. So simple that those unfamiliar with Instagram will be surprised to hear that Instagram isn’t always a function of the social media service. Unfortunately, users have only been able to save photos since last December.

How to Save Photo

Don’t worry about downloading any updates. This feature is already available in your phone’s Instagram app.

1. Go to your Instagram feed.

2. See below any photo in this feed. The bookmark button looks like a flag and is at the far right of the like, comment, and share buttons.


3. Tap this icon. You will know the photo has been saved when the flag turns black.


How to View Saved Photos

Want to see your saved photos later? No problem.

1. Go to your Instagram profile.

2. Look for options below your profile information but above your photos. The bookmark button is on the far right.


3. Tap it and go to your saved photo collection.

How to Save a Photo?

If you are bored with a photo you used to like, you can remove it as follows.

1. Go to the saved photos (see above).

2. Tap the photo you want to remove.

3. Tap the bookmark button again. It should be where it was when you first saved the photo. You’ll know it worked if the flag turns white.

Can Other People See My Saved List?

No. Your saved photos may consist of other people’s work, but your list is yours alone.

Do I Know If One Of My Photos Is Saved?

No. Just as others can’t see your list, you don’t know what’s in theirs (even when it comes to photos you share).

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Can I Save My Own Photos?

Yes. You can bookmark your own photos just as you’ve marked others.

Why Should You Use This Feature?

Besides the obvious benefit of being able to save images that make you smile, laugh, or inspire you, you can use this feature to save posts that link to your favorite blogs or other sites. These saved photos act as shortcut buttons for your favorite online content.